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    new version and lite version submitted to app catalog. Available in a few days in the app catalog.

    Demo version is awaiting moderation in the homebrew apps, but you can without waiting download lite version here :


    version 0.7.0 : New UI, improved Unit conversion, create, save profiles and custom drinks, behavior, impairment. bug fix

    1) In the full version you must still use a slider to enter weight :-(
    3) The standard beer size in U.S. is 12oz
    Beer 12oz added to presets
    could you provide a way for us to enter in drink presets for things we commonly drink
    You can now enter your custom drinks
    4) How about an option to save previous settings (weight, default first drink, gender?)
    Done in full version only
    5) How about an option to save your profile when you exit
    6) Finally, how about an option to save profiles of different people?
    You can now create and save up to 5 profiles.
    EDIT: I also just noticed that in your demo of the new version, when viewing the graph, it uses g/l, in the full version will it use % if that setting is used? One last thing, on the graph (in the full version) the over-the-limit time doesn't match the first time that the limit goes above the preset.
    Fixed that problem

    Thanks for feedback ! Tell me what you think about this new version. I worked hard to release it !

    Screenshots :
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    I don't have access to the US App Catalog (I live in Europe). The only information I have from Palm is the rate of Advanced BAC Calculator
    Is some US users can send us the reviews posted at Palm App catalog ?

    Contact me with private message.

    Thanks !
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    new version 0.7.0 available in the app catalog.
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    lite version 0.7.0 available in the app catalog
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    Also if you need an online web based ( hxxp:// ) BAC calculator there is this one, I found this to be the most accurate after doing a check with online estimator vs breathalyzer.
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