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    Just Created. Timer button currently does nothing just there for me to continue working on. Other stopwatches either did not meet my needs or i didn't want to pay for one that did. This is currently a beta version and additions will be coming in soon. You can email me any suggestions at thank you!

    Please Donate! Even 1 dollar helps me to know i need to keep up with managing this. Any person that donates more than $1 will receive free updates for life when i put it in the Official App Catalog
    !!!Donate Here!!!

    Version 1.0.1
    -Added new background style, continuing development of timer.

    Version 1.0.0
    -Initial release

    -Add Timer

    License: Closed Source

    After being opened:

    At Run Time:

    When stopped:
    At Run Time:
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    Are you going to post the ipk file so we can see if it meets our needs before we donate?
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    Where is the download at?
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    Do we need to donate to be a tester?
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    sorry ya attaching the ipk right now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshyz View Post
    Great job!
    Stored timer(s) with an option to label is a nice feature and having the alarm start making a countdown noise @ 5 seconds til 0 and then an alarm is sweet.
    (Having the system standard alert mixed in with the alarm seems unnecessary and makes me think I'm receiving a text or something at the same time but I don't know if that's fixable or just part of using the dashboard feature..?)
    Again, great work and thank you for your efforts!
    I think you were referring to the countdown app. Stopwatch X isn't in Preware yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    I think you were referring to the countdown app. Stopwatch X isn't in Preware yet.
    Whoa you right, my bad..
    Jumped the gun because I was waiting for a timer/countdown HB app and that and the Stopwatch look very simular.
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    update! simply added a background to style it up a bit

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