To date in the webOS community VocShop software has been known as a purveyor of small game apps. However, or day-to-day make a living software is accounting and time-and-billing.

We are ready to announce a feature-complete alpha version of our forthcoming time and billing application "My Time is Money".

This program will alllow you to create lists of Projects, select customers from your contact list and assign projects to them, create tasks and to collect time for each project on a task by task basis. Billing rates, and tax rates can be set on a project by project or task-by-task basis.

The program will allow you to gather time by start-stop buttons, or by entering time as time-in & time-out or as elapsed hours.

You can send invoices from the phone to yourself and or your customer by email.

You can design and display reports on the phone in summary and detail of time transactions, and can email those reports to your self as HTML tables which can be directly imported into Excel.

The next version will support syncing to a web site where other functions will be available.

The current version is "Feature Complete Alpha"

That means that for example, the order of items on the menu has not been optimized. No special CSS work has taken place to pretty up the app, it's bare-bones webOS widgets.

On the other hand, it works, and can do some cool things.

At this time, we need up to ten volunteers who are willing to attempt to install and use the program in its alpha state. We will request a detailed feedback of your user experiance, and your suggestions for fixing what you see as lacks or incompleteness in the program.

What we are offering in return is a free copy of the final production version of the program.

Testers who follow us along through the entire pre-release process and provide review comments on each version will recieve six months pre-paid access to the web site where additional functionality will be made available.

If you wish to sign up, please comment to that effect in this thread and send a private message to rboatright with your email address.

You will need to use palm-install or WebOS Quick Install to install the pre-release version. It will be distributed by link via email.

Questions or comments go in this thread.

Thanks for your time.

Rick Boatright
VocShop Software