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    Here is an app that I have put together, it's taken me a while but I think it's about time to let everyone see it. It's still very much a work in progress and still has the odd bug or two. Let me know what you think.

    Timesheet is an app to record your working day (i.e. clock in time, lunch break and clock out time) and Calculates your hours worked, flexi time for the day and overtime.
    The Month View then shows the total hours, flex and overtime worked so far this month (up until the previous day) and you also have the option to look at previous months total hours.
    There are three options to export the month view data to an email, csv decimal, html decimal & html hours.

    This app has been designed to be used with the 24h clock.

    This app is now configurable to hopefully everyone's working week( may be not everyone ).

    Set up your working week in the Preferences screens, one for each day of the week. Every day can be different.

    Clock In Button This will start the automated recording process, Clock In for you and record it, followed by Start Lunch, Finish Lunch and Clock Out. Times can then be viewed on the Input Hours screen. ( The lunch times are converted to elapsed time period )

    Core Hours is when you start and finish your normal working day.

    Overtime is extra hours added on at the end of the working day, so set when your overtime finishes.

    If you don't get overtime simply set the overtime to the same value as the finish of your core hours and no overtime will be calculated.

    Like wise if one of the days you work is purely overtime and no core hours are built up set the start and finish of the core hours to the same value and set when overtime finishes.

    Hours Before Flex Buildup allows you to set the nominal number of hours you need to work in that day, go over that figure and you build up a flex credit, below is a debit. If you don't accrew flex you can just set it to 0:00.
    ( NOTE:- If you are using the 12h clock, 12:00AM is Zero hours & mins, 12:30AM is 30 mins etc. )

    Default Times allows you to set the default start and finish times for each day so that you don't need to scroll through all the hours from what ever I set it to i.e. 0:00.

    Default Lunch Length set how long your lunch is for each day
    ( NOTE:- If you are using the 12h clock, 12:00AM is Zero hours & mins, 12:30AM is 30 mins etc. )

    When you are upgrading, install the new version on top of the old version to keep your data.

    Future development:
    A weekly view or a user configurable one
    Overtime before core hours
    Multi Clockin/out per day

    Known bugs to fix:

    Current Version

    Timesheet v0.2.5 [07/04/2010]
    Updated to add Calcs button on Input screen to explain how the hours are calculated

    Timesheet v0.2.4 [18/03/2010]
    Updated to fix bug due to Daylight Savings Time

    Timesheet v0.2.3 [11/03/2010]
    Updated to include a Data Export to Email feature

    Timesheet v0.2.2 [13/02/2010]
    Updated to include an auto Clock In/Out feature

    Timesheet v0.2.1 [31/01/2010]
    Updated to fix bug when device is used outside GMT

    Bugs fixed
    Gives weird results if device is not on GMT [23/01/10]

    Timesheet v0.2.0 [10/01/10]
    Updated to allow you to set your own working week in a preferences section

    Timesheet v0.1.1 [24/11/2009]
    Updated to fix totalling bug in month view around 24th

    Bugs fixed
    Get the delete record working (works on the emulator )
    Bug disappeared by upgrading device from WebOS 1.1.3 to 1.3.1

    Timesheet v0.1.0 [18/11/2009]
    Initial Release
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    Cool app....I work a part time job and this would be perfect but I can't get rid of the lunch. Is there a way not to have the lunch on there? Thanks for you effort!
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    I was just wishing that there was something like this app the other day and viola! Awesome app! I work the graveyard / over night shift, so the current time settings won't work for me. When you have time to make it more customizable I will add it to my Pre. Keep up the good work.
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    Sounds like a very usefull tool for many people - once the time frame is more open, at least. Great start though!
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    This definitely needs to sync with the calendar...that way I woudlnt have to input it into two places
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    Quote Originally Posted by chapdog View Post
    Is there a way not to have the lunch on there?
    I think so, I could add that to the preferences
    Thanks for the comments
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    Quote Originally Posted by needapre View Post
    I work the graveyard / over night shift, so the current time settings won't work for me.
    The code could be changed to accomodate that too. I think
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    nice app, changable options would be great, but works well for me

    Quote Originally Posted by morningisbad View Post
    This definitely needs to sync with the calendar...that way I woudlnt have to input it into two places
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    Nice app. Thanks.

    For me to I would need the possibilities to add more then one entry per day, and entry category (e.g. to record the user of overtime or vacation), a note field and ideally a tast/project I worked one.

    For the background, i need to be able to log the hours I worked for different projects over a day.

    Currently I use Home of PTimLog on my Palm TX for that. If you search for ideas :-)

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    Great idea to create such an app! I was thinking about doing something similar, but my priorities are different :-)

    However, to be more useful, it would have to be much more "general", i.e. configurable. Also, the mechanism of having to manually enter the times is a little bit complicated, methinks... Of course it's necessary to have that option, but my idea would be to have a screen with a button "clock in" resp. "clock out" as a default, so one could just tap it to indicate arrival at work/leaving for lunch/etc.

    Looking forward for new versions!
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    Cool App.. do you plan on inputting a calculator to it so it can calculate what you are going to make for the week pluse what you are going to make with OT etc... This would be a nice addition to the app.. You can have it so the user can input the amount per hr they make and it can calcuate everthing up through the week
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    I thought about creating something like this myself. Here were my general ideas:

    Overtime should be calculated based off any hours over 40, not just a certain time of day. Also, overtime should take in consideration if a section of time is marked as holiday or vacation, as these are generally not counted to the 7 day week 40 hour limit.

    Not all jobs have weeks starting on Saturday and ending on the next Friday(7 day workweek). I've had jobs that had a Friday to Thursday work week.

    Although overtime is calculated based on a 7 day workweek, many people get paid only once every two weeks, so it is two weeks combined on one timesheet. It is important to note that working 47 hours one week and 30 the next week still entitles you to 7 hours of overtime pay, so the program must be able to figure that out.

    I currently use a pretty nifty spreadsheet to track all this every pay period(two weeks in my case). It can accurately calculate my pay, including overtime in all special cases. The only issue is that I have to manually calculate my hours every day and input them into my spreadsheet(I guess I could setup a worksheet for daily time entry if I wanted to). Also, WebOS still doesn't have write ability to spreadsheets(of any format), so I'm stuck only logging my time when I'm at a computer.

    If you could wrap this all up in a nice little app, I'd gladly pay $5 for it.
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    Keep up the good work! looks great. tried it out but just like every one else, customizations would be very useful.
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    Wow. Can't wait to get a version that is more free on the times and options.
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    There is a bug in the Month View totaling when there is an entry on the 24th

    Will fix this asap
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    I've been working on the preferences so that will allow the user to set thier own working day/week.

    I'm trying to make this simple but I need an idea of the different working patterns out there. I may be opening up a can of worms with all the possible combinations but I can have a look.

    I'm looking for info like the following:-

    00:00 to 06:59 No hours recorded
    07:00 to 17:59 Core working hours ( of which 8 are normal hours and the rest goes to flex credit, calculated monthly. There is a lunch break within these times too)
    18:00 to 22:59 Overtime
    23:00 to 23:59 No hours recorded

    The times can easily be adjusted it's more the pattern of the working day:-
    No Hours:Core Hours:Overtime:No Hours

    Thanks to everyone for their comments so far

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    The ideal for me would be three buttons for clocking - In, meal, and out. So you'd clock in, then if you have a lunch break hit meal, then click in afterwards and then out when you're done. This is the way the company's time system works but alas they still manage to somehow not pay me properly. My work isn't scheduled very much and I'm always doing odd days and such so I use my calendar to plot it all. Having a fixed working week wouldn't be much good to me. I don't get paid monthly on the same date either, so the ability to choose two points to calculate hours would be great.
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    I have such a screwed up schedual from work it's not funny! There are no two days alike, times differ and lunch is never the same. I acrew comp time and sick time off of the hours I work and get paid OT AFTER 80 hours! So as much flexability in your app would be GREAT! I have also been waiting for this app since I recieved my Pre.
    Just one more thing, could you see what you could do about possibly using military time or the option to use it? Thanks. Keep up the great work!
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    I have updated this app now, you can now set your own working week, for every day of the week

    I hope I have done all the maths correctly and that everything adds up ok

    Please let me know what you think of the update

    Thank you for your support
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    The preferences wil not stick when I set them up per day. And having to set them up per day is a pain. Maybe a button that will set up the week baised on one day? Anyway, the preferences will not stick and I am really confused as to what flex time is. If the program worked I probably would have figured out the flexs and default time. Anything I can do to get this to work right?
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