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    I have homebrew on my phone will this brick my phone if the firmware update installs? Also i read palm forces you to install the update, is this true need help asap.
    Thanks Jack
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    If you have homebrew apps only then you're fine to update without any action...

    ... if you have tweaks/patches, on the other hand, you do need to remove those before updating.
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    On the other hand, I left my phone patched up, and after loading 1.3.1, I only had to run emergency patch removal to get it back to a state where I could reapply my patches... Didn't kill anything here.
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    Thanks very much guys i panicked for a while there!!!
    Again thanks for your fast reply!
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    Well, installing the patch with homebrew patches on it and run the (non 1.3.1 supported) patch removal is just pressing your luck.

    Just remove them all before or run the tool beforehand, or Dr. it like I did. Other people who decided to patch over their homebrew have been clogging up this forum complaining the newest patch has made the phone much worse.

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