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    This thread is used to track the Homebrew App called Irish Rain, available from

    Video demo available at
    Blog announcement at

    Irish Rain has been submitted to the App Catalog, and is now available (Nov 26th 2009)

    0.1.2 - Improved look and feel.

    0.1.1 - Fixed bug where images would show out of sequence. Removed the dojox.widget.Rotator widget in favour of a simple interval.

    0.1.0 - Initial release
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    Link to app missing...?
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    now if we could only get an app like this for the states...
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    nice looking app
    you planning on making anymore for other parts of the world? (pick England!!)
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    Thanks for that. I'd like to make it more generic, but the difficulty is in getting the weather data. The owners of satellite data are very protective of it, and just to get the Irish data I had to have a pretty long conversation with the Irish Meterological service to get their permission.

    Getting simple weather forecasts is simple, and generally freely available, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for satellite data.

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