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    This is the official thread for Scatter.

    Now available in the app catalog.
    Full version has 53 levels 30 chaos and 23 puzzle levels ($0.99)
    Free version has 8 chaos and 8 puzzle levels.

    Keep an eye out on Precental as I will be releasing the new puzzles and features here first before they go to the catalog.

    Scatter is a simple game. Just tap the screen with your finger. That is the easy part. It is much harder to get the timing and placement of that tap so that you recover all the scattered balls. Each ball as a fixed amount of time it will remain on the screen after it has been hit. Then it will shrink away never to be seen again. To win, you have to complete all of the levels.

    There are two ways to play: Chaos and Puzzle modes. Chaos lets most everything run free and you need to capture most of the balls on the screen to complete each level. Puzzle is much more controlled and you will need to figure out just the right place and time to tap to recover the other balls

    Each level has a fixed score you will receive for completing the level. In addition for every ball you recover beyond the required number, you will get a bonus of 100 points. That is the good news. The bad news is that if you fail to complete the level, you will lose 100 points. Your final score comes from all of the level scores, bonus scores and failed attempts you make at each level.

    Currently there are 23 puzzle levels and 30 chaos levels.


    Change log for version 0.8.65
    • Puzzles 23
    • Chaos 30
    • Tested with pixi
    • Added puzzle scene so you can get to individual puzzles and skip around
    • Now 3 sets of Chaos games and 3 diffferent puzzle types
    • Added scenes for different chaos types: Basic, Sizes and Shapes

    Change log for version 0.7.37
    • Puzzles: 14
    • Chaos: 20
    • Added Walls
    • Frames per second viewable
    • Optimized code to be smoother
    • Variable size balls on a single chaos level
    • Added bounce and capture sound effects - then removed them for speed 1.3.1 - bad
    • Fixed the memory leak that caused the game to fail
    • Menu to get to High Scores

    Change log for version 6.0.13
    • New Puzzle Levels - 10 total
    • New Chaos Levels - 10 total
    • Balls expand relative to their size
    • Fixed double click problem on the info screen
    • Fixed high score not reflecting total score
    • Made the background prettier
    • Made an intro for each puzzle type
    • Added Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels
    • Added High scores by difficulty level
    • Cleaned up and made the game screen more friendly
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    Is this similar to the Chain Rxn game available on Facebook? The description sounds a bit like it... if it is, then I'll be impatiently awaiting the availability of this, because I really enjoy that game.

    Will this be available via Preware soon?
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    Yes, quite similar. Still working on the levels and the screen size is a bit challenging.
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    Awesome! Well then I eagerly await it's release!
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    Very cool, I like it.

    Just a few bug reports: When you go to help, you can't scroll, and the back gesture doesn't let you go back to the main menu. (Edit: This happened the first time I tried, but after a second try, it worked, so perhaps it was just a one time glitch?)

    I kept trying the last puzzle level, and after failing like three times (yes, fine, I'm dumb) I got kicked out to the main menu with an error message at the top left. Just so you know. Really like the app, if it ran smoother, it'd be about perfect! :-)
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    Just downloaded and played a few rounds... very fun little game!

    I have to say that I'm not 100% thrilled with the color scheme... but other than that, great work!
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    Ya the color scheme is something to be desired. A nicer color scheme would be nice. Having the balls look a bit more 3d would be interesting.

    The game play is lots of fun.

    I did find it to be a bit laggy at times. Where the screen would freeze for a second.

    The formatting on the level up scene is a bit messed up. The play button looks to be in a good spot, kinda in the middle. The Done button is touching the right side of the screen, clearly not the same distance as the play button.
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    I would think about using a different font for the buttons.
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    Alrighty here's my feedback:

    Great game, I love chain reaction on facebook as well!

    Change the "credits" background, its too crazy and makes the writing not legible.

    You could make the ball size an option in a preferences menu, sort of like a difficulty selector.

    You should change some of the transitions, change them to the crossFade one.

    Needs new font colors on the "level up" page.

    Center the buttons on the level up page.

    I'd be okay with you changing the 3d balls to plain colored circles. It would make more sense as they blow up when they get hit.

    And I hate to say make it more like chain reaction, but you should see how they use sounds. I think It works better than to have a song play the entire time.

    I'm not trying to be picky, just make this the best app it can be!
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    I downloaded this game and found it amusing. This game begs for GPU access though. It gets a bit laggy at times because of this. It is a neat little game though, I look forward to any newer versions you release!
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    I have won chaos mode 4 times, and every time the high score comes out as 1200 exactly. I scored much higher than that, but every entry of mine in the high scores list is 1200.
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    I like this game. It does seem to suffer from some of those annoying WebOS "housecleaning" delays, though.

    I love apps to have sound, but I don't think just playing a song in the background does anything for me. I would much rather there be sound EFFECTS, such as when I touch the screen, when balls bounce, when balls explode, etc.

    I rather like the credit screen, myself. But I think Tibfib's suggestion about selectable ball size for difficulty is a good one. Keep up the good work!
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    Played through the game and i enjoyed it. the game does get a bit laggy from time to time but it's still good. something that i think could be changed would be the leader board to have a seperate board for chaos and puzzle mode considering that the two scores aren't exactly scalable. other than that thanks for the app and i look forward to updates
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    Nice game! But all my scores are 1200!
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    Fun game! Would like to see scoring that works past 1200 points, a way to clear scores and perhaps a more smoothness to the action. (less lag).. Still... +1. Fun stuff.

    (oh, the music is interesting, but it would be nice to toggle it anywhere in the game)
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    Also, I get this error:
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null

    See attached.
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    I like the updates!!!!! Still wish it had sound effects, though
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    Downloaded the new version. It locks up the phone if I minimize it between levels especially if it's a higher level.

    Like where the game is going. Lots of fun. Thanks.
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    Just got the update... looks great so far! Much improvement from the first release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dvdmax View Post
    Downloaded the new version. It locks up the phone if I minimize it between levels especially if it's a higher level.

    Like where the game is going. Lots of fun. Thanks.
    Happened to me, too. And it was a strange crash, because afterwards I couldn't access the photos in the photos app, nor could I change wallpapers. I had to reset the phone again before photos and wallpapers became available again.
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