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    I have been playing this with both the first version and the update. Its a great game. If you play it for too long though the pre slows way down and the game freezes that the pre reboots. You may want to make sure that after each level all the code is clean up there may be something staying in memory causing this issue after levels.

    Good job look forward to the next update.
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    This is a good game but when you put it in card view the sound keeps playing and if you turn the screen off it still plays. The only way to stop it is to swipe the card away.
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    Hey, great game.
    The checkboxes to set the difficulty level are buggy (only 'hard' gets shown and checked when clicked - middle just shown - easy neither).
    Hope for the success of the game there will webGL soon.
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    Found that nasty bug and fixed it thanks
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    Is anyone else having trouble with level 13 in puzzle mode? I have gotten through all the other levels, but can't seem to figure out this level. HELP!
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    This app is my new addiction. I really like the new levels with different sized balls.
    Keep up the good work!!!!
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    My whole family really likes this game. The only bad part about that is my Pre keeps disappearing.

    My only suggestion is separate scores for Puzzle and Chaos. The family members who like puzzle are frustrated because they can't make it to the high score list.

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    I am working on separate puzzle high scores. Thanks for the input.
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    This game is awesome, I can't put it down! Thanks for developing it!
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    I love this game. Great job. Thanks for making it!
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    I think this game just make it to the App Catalog. I saw these:

    # Scatter Lite, Free, by Caldantech: Limited-levels version of the full Scatter game.
    # Scatter, $0.99, by Caldantech: Tap the screen to create a chain reaction that captures all the balls. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate danielpopp

    Yet no announcement (or descriptions of the two versions in this thread)!

    If it is true, then congratulations, danielpopp (and please update your first post)!!!
    The power behind WebOS (and Android, and Maemo, and Google itself) is Linux!
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    Amazingly, Palm did not notify me that it made to the catalog.
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    Nice little game - a great time waster!

    May I ask what affects/determins the frames per second [fps] rate figure that is displayed during gameplay? Mine just decreases and decreases the longer I play until it becomes so jerky [am talking 3fps] that I just have to close the game.
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