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    I have public pics under an email address that is too long for the entry, can we lengthen the entry field?
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    I was browsing through some pictures with the app, and after viewing maybe 10 pictures or so, the phone locked up and restarted. It has happened twice now. It doesn't happen every time, but like I said, it has happened twice.
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    Thanks you, You have done it!
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    didn' need to enter "@gmail" username only worked fine for me.
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    I am wondering why my non-public albums are showing up. Anyone else seeing this? Am I missing a setting on the Picasa website. All of my albums are either set to 'Sign in to View' or 'Unlisted' and only one is set to public yet I ca see all of my albums with this app.

    Funny thing is I can see the non-public albums on my device but not my on my wifes device. Does the app leverage my existing gmail password used for Mail, Contacts, Messaging and Email. If this app is able to see my non-public albums is their a security issue with the Google API's?
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    The app is no longer available in Preware, but it shows up as an update in the App Catalog. When I try to update, the App Catalog crashes and says "no longer available". The installed version does work fine but I can't apply the update. Help?
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    Pricasa? Nice dude
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    Thanks a lot for this great app. I love being able to pull up my pics on my phone anytime I want to. Previously I was using the mobile Picasa site which was extremely cumbersome.
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    After the 1.3.5 update, the installed Preware version no longer launches and it still won't update from the App Catalog. I had to delete it, and now I see that the App Catalog version is a pay app. So you killed the Preware version to force people to upgrade to the pay version?

    Sorry, I liked the app but that's a really poor way of doing business.
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    I want have a try
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    mine works fine, don't remember where I got it. But it is awesome!
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    Anyone have any luck viewing videos from their Picasa Web site? Doesn't work for me with this app or the Picasa mobile site, and I can't access the regular Picasa Web site from my Pre (automatically loads the mobile site).
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