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    Does the import abilities in the released app will inlcude importing from HandySafe?
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    The final release will be able to import any kind of csv file. So if HandySafe is able to export to csv you will be able to import your data from it.
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    hey maggun,

    Yes I saw that I can tap on the url to open a site - are still two taps . If I tap on 'show data' and then on the url or on the right symbol and then on 'open webpage' makes no difference...
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    Version 0.9.3 is now available.

    The changes listed in the changelog are just the ones that are visible to the user. In addition to that we have been doing some refactoring as a groundwork for some exciting new features to come.

    Stay tuned!
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    very nice app!!!
    one simple request: can you add more "password types" related to documents ID?
    for example, i'd like to store some document ID (fiscal code, etc...) that are not really "passwords" but sensible information
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    You are welcome to make any requests regarding the types of storable data. Just name a specific kind of data you would like to able to store and we will consider implementing it.

    To be honest, i am kind of surprised that nobody has complained about the lag of customizablity yet. It IS planned for the final (full) version to be fully customizable but since this will take some refactoring it will probably still be a few versions before you can define your own types of data.

    In the meantime, again, if you have any requests for new types of storable data just post them here and i will see what i can do.
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    I am waiting for the first secure storage app to sync with my computers. In my opinion it is the one feature that is really necessary to make a good thing great.I will pay the price for the first app that gets there. I bet I am not alone.
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    Nice. Looking forward to the import!
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    Just downloaded, and I must say...I'm very happy so far.

    I, like everyone else, am looking forward to the desktop sync...but I have no real complaints other than that.

    The only think I would like to see is a more "general" category...something you could customize the fields. I just used the "notes" section for a couple of these, which is really no big deal, but the ability to customize the input fields would be cool.

    Give me desktop sync and keep the price reasonable, and I'll happily pay for this app when it's released to the App Catalog.

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    SecuStore 0.9.4 features:

    Gesture Lock

    Gesture Lock is an exciting new feature that allows you to lock SecuStore when its minimized and unlock it with a series of gestures! What is exciting about this feature is that while the card is locked your sets will remain unlocked. So instead of entering your master passwords for each set every time you want to access them you can simply unlock a set once and then minimize SecuStore in order to protect your data while you continue working with other applications.

    Gesture Lock is a new and intuitive way of handling your data and makes accessing it a lot easier and faster.

    Future versions of SecuStore will even take this a step further and will allow you to run SecuStore in the background remembering which sets you allready unlocked so that when you restart it you can gain access to them by only entering your gesture combination.

    How you can use it
    To activate Gesture Lock select "Preferences" in application menu of the main scene and enable "lock card when minimized". You can the enter a series of gestures that can later be used to unlock the card after its been minimized.
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    This is a great idea! Kudos on the update!

    I noticed when I updated to the most recent version, It says I have "30 Days Left". Do you know for sure SecuStore will be in the App Catalog in the next 30 days? If it's not, I assume there will be an update extending the 30 days, correct?What kind of price-point are you looking at for the App Catalog?

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    You are correct, Ozmodiar. I left a note in the initial post in this thread:

    Note: Due to the advanced state of development versions 0.9.4 and higher will be released with an expiration date. For those who will continue updating secustore regularly this wont make any difference until the final release since the expiration date will be delayed with each new beta version. For those who - for some reason - will not continue to update and have their version expired version 0.9.3 will be kept available.
    About the price:
    At this point we can not give any precise information about what price we will settle on, since there are still some changes and features to come e.g. full customizability and csv import.
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    That's what I get for not reading the initial post...

    I just read your newer post about the updated version. I'll check the first post before asking a stupid question next time.

    Please let us know when you start zeroing in on a price point...I don't want to import a bunch of stuff only to not be able to afford the final version.

    Thank you very much!
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    The link for version 0.9.3 is broken.
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    Thanks for pointing out. It's been fixed.
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    Ditto for customizing fields.

    -Another idea is to be able to create custom templates (referred to in this app as "Types").
    -Sub folders that you could organize your data in.
    -Ability to change icons.
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    So where are instrunctions for this app? Open it says no stored sets? What is a set. I was looking for something that has a master password that you enter when you first open it. Is that a set?
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    Yep, that's a set
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    A "Set" is basically a folder you create for similar items (for example, I have one called "routers" which contain all the login information for various routers I have access to)

    I only have to enter a password once to access all the data in that set (folder). Once I back out of that set, I have to enter a password to open it again. This is a much better system than having one "master password" for everything that you have to enter when the program loads.

    Try reading their webpage (SecuStore Password Manager for webOS) for more information...
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    So you have one for rounters, one for banking, one for misc web sites. Do you need to remember a new password for each of these so called folders (Sets). How do you create a master set that you open to view all your information. It seems like this is overly complicated. I have a password program on my computer that I use one password to look up the 25 or so passwords that are associated with various things. Maybee this is not the program for me.

    Again I say how about a simple user guide for this app.
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