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    Thanks for the suggestion. Atm I'm working on a general database app, so I'm going to finish that first. Afterwards, I'm going to try to add one or more import possibilities to Movie Diary.
    Check out Movie Diary.
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    I just discovered this app and I love it, it is very much needed, thank you. I used to use a database app on my PalmOS to keep track of the 1,000+ DVDs that I own and so far I have not found a database replacement for WebOS (so far). I also store my list of movies on IMDB under "My Movies". When you add the ability to import, can you import from IMDB as well?

    Thanks again!

    *** Jay ***
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    I had Movie Diary installed and loved it. I had to do a partial erase. Now when I try to install again from the app catalog, the apps just says installing.... it doesn't ever finish.

    Any ideas?

    Update...installed though QuickInstall and it worked.
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