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    updates in catalog. App working again along with data restore. Thanks
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    I just bought Time Tracker Full from the app catalog after using the free one for a few weeks. I was very excited to use the GPS timer activation... not so much after having my phone completely run out of power within a few hours of turning it on the first day. Today I watched it more closely - I went from a full charge down to 20% in 4 hours, and then after charging it up a bit to around 55% I got down to below 10% in another 3 hours. The feature is completely useless as implemented.

    Perhaps you could update the app so it only asks the phone for a GPS position every 5 minutes? That would be accurate enough for most people I think. Perhaps just make it a tunable parameter in preferences - GPS Fix: Continuous, 1 min interval, 3 min interval, 5 min, 10 min, etc.

    Also, if I enable only WiFi activation in each project and put the app on Auto-activate, will it stop asking for GPS position (and thus save battery life)?

    Finally, any chance you could interface the data to QuickBooks Pro? Intuit has an API for doing that. There's also a Timer Import function. I'd pay again for a way to get the data directly into Quickbooks.

    It really is a nice app, thanks.
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    Follow-up questions from my last post:

    1. Any idea when the App Catalog version will be updated to 4.3.x?

    2. Regarding backups, can you reformat the header of the backup so that the important info (date and time) appear closer to the beginning? I currently have 3 backups in my Notes app; all three say "Backup of TimeTracker Database created at 2010-04-". I have to open each note to see when each one was created.

    3. Is there any way you could activate a timer by presence of a WiFi access point that the phone hasn't actually connected to? Two examples - one customer does have WiFi, but there's no point in connecting the phone to it because it doesn't allow internet access (well, it does, but only via a proxy server that requires authentication). Another customer doesn't have WiFi, but there are other uniquely named WiFi signals in the area that would be just as good for activating a timer except that I can't actually connect to them. I don't know if the OS will let you see any WiFi SSID's beyond the one it's connected to, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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    Really? One of the most expensive apps in the catalog, and my comments and questions don't even rate a response? Nice.
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    I guess I can answer two of my own questions now...

    4.3.1 showed up in the App Catalog this morning, and I have installed it.

    The new Compressed backup feature also changes the header format sufficiently so the date and time of the backup appears on the Memo: "TimeTracker Backup from 2010-05-03T11:53:57. To re"
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    The more I try to use this for actual work, the more disappointed I become with it (and mind you, I've paid for TimeTracker Full).

    The e-mailed report is very difficult to use. It reports the time worked for each project in total minutes rather than Hours:Minutes. This makes it very hard to enter the time into my billing program. The layout of the report is poor. Is this report designed to be read with another program to make it easier to read? If so, what program(s) can read it?

    There are no rounding options; nobody bills by the minute. Most consultants, lawyers, etc. bill by the tenth-hour or quarter-hour, some probably by 5 minute intervals.

    So now I have to go down the report using a calculator to divide the minutes worked on each project by 60, and then round that to the nearest tenth before entering it into the billing program. Lame.

    I also discovered that the one project I tracked using GPS got divided up into dozens of little 0 and 1 minute time entries. The program tried to maintain a continuous GPS fix while I was walking around inside a building, and stopped the timer every time it lost my position... this is just a horrible way to implement this feature. I guess I'll just have to give up on the notion of using GPS-based activation.

    Time to look for another time tracking app.... can I have my $10 back?
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    What is this, a private thread read only by me?

    I'm still trying to make use of this program.

    One thing I've encountered that makes the program less useful is that I have to turn off Automatic activation mode to manually start a timer. Some of my clients (projects) have WiFi activation, some don't (and of course GPS activation is useless as I've already complained). The main reason for having automatic activation is in case I forget to start a timer when I get to a site... but if it can't be left on Automatic mode all the time, then it really isn't automatic at all, is it?
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    I just had to have my phone swapped out because of a hardware failure. I had everything backed up and then restored to my replacement phone. However, the Timetracker Preview I purchased several months ago does not have the license restored. Is there something I need to do or send to restore my license?
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    I've been using Time Tracker full for some time, and am generally very happy. I do have a wish list of changes/additional features which would make using it even easier

    • Provide the ability to create a new project and make it a sub-project without having to go through the process of opening an existing project and going through the menu to Add Subproject
    • Provide the ability to move sub-projects from one project to another simply by drag-and-drop

    Those two changes would make Time Tracker an even more useful tool for folks like me who work on a lot of small projects with quick turnaround.

    Thanks for building a great app!
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    Hi, thanks for the update. I still have one request open that I already asked some time ago. Could you please move the '+ Neue Zeiterfassung' (expect the English entry is '+ New time entry') bottom on the project screen to the beginning of the list.
    If the project already have some entries you need to scroll all the way down to add a new manual entry.

    Thanks in advance

    ps: I added a quick patch for the current version that do what I requested
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