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    I'm having some oddities maybe somebody can help out with.

    Today I tried out the app for the first time. The app was continually matching my head counts step for step over small distances. I walked a measured 1/4th of a mile earlier, and the pedometer reported 417 steps, 0.19 miles. My stride length I have input is the 0.19 miles is pretty close.

    My problem is, I know the distance walked was 0.25 miles. I have to assume steps weren't recorded and am planning on trying again, but has anybody else run into this at all?

    I also noticed the following oddity:

    0.01 Miles Walked - 16 Steps (16 this block)
    0.02 Miles Walked - 40 Steps (24 this block)
    0.03 Miles Walked - 56 Steps (16 this block)
    0.04 Miles Walked - 77 Steps (21 this block)
    0.05 Miles Walked - 104 Steps (27 this block)

    update # 2- remeasured my stride length at 2.88. Walked the same 0.25 mile course, and ended up with 422 steps, so the step counter is dead on. Distance was 0.22. So it looks like the distance per step is calculating correctly. Adding in the 8-10% fluxuation mentioned puts me right at .25 miles, so it looks like my early assumption was hasty.

    Awesome app =)

    I'm still not sure why its taking different step counts for each 0.01 mile, but as long as the end result is correct, i'm happy!
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    would be nice to provide SI-units like kg and m for personell data.
    thanx a lot for your work!
    don't worry, eat curry!
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