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    Since Palm opend the App-Catalogue at CES any chance that we in Europe will get this App now?
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    Unfortunately I can't get the beta to work on even though I purchased the app catalog version. The activator link says that the time limit was removed, but the program still shows the 3 day limit message and closes (installed via Preware).

    Any thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superstardjal View Post
    well, i've been running AHS (active home screen) off and on since first beta edition and it has very little battery impact
    I tried AHS, but my versions didn't allow me to select apps that weren't the original apps that came with the Pre. Did the later versions allow that?

    What's the difference between AHS and Active Card?
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    Any way to change the time from 24 hr format to 12 hr. ???
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    are the developers still working on this i would love to have something like this but perhaps a little more refined
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    Quote Originally Posted by mapara View Post
    All-in-one card application for Palm Pre. ActiveCard 2 Beta combines several useful functions and widgets.

    Main Features

    * Calendar: on-screen list of calendar events (supports all your calendars)
    * Launcher: easy access to your favorite applications (all programs installed on your device are now supported)
    * QuickCall: one-tap speed dial widget (up to nine contacts)
    * QuickContact: easily call, text or email six friends
    * RSS news reader: 20 different Yahoo News feeds (top headlines, stock market, technology, entertainment...)
    * Changeable wallpapers - chose from 12 preinstalled backgrounds or use your own


    * TwitRead: search/read the latest tweets (not a full client!)
    * Weather: weather widget (based on your US zip code or 20+ world cities)
    * WebSearch: easy access to Yahoo, Google, Bing and Twitter mobile search engines
    * Other widgets: miniCalendar, Online Games, Clock...

    Settings are accessible via APP MENU (top left corner).

    Please make sure you are downloading from Any other distribution of this software is unsupported and strictly prohibited.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is an experimental beta version of ActiveCard. Some functions are not (yet) supported by Palm and may become unavailable.
    This Program is to be used for TESTING purposes only and at your own risk; we do not take any responsibility for any damage in whatever form or context. The Program is provided "as is" with NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND/OR NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.


    It looks great ! But does it have to look like a Android ripoff ? I know it is, but does it have to look like it ??
    WebOS still makes sense.
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    I wonder when people notice that the creator didn't wrote anything on active cards for Month now. Maybe a Moderator should close this thread untill he is back from the dead.
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    The developer got sidetracked by his touchConnect project and seems to have totally forgotten about ActiveCard. Shame, as I was looking for this beta to hit a release version at some point...
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    did you contact him for the the beta activator that came with the purchased version....better than nothing. But I wish he would get back with it too it was so promising.

    10 give me the video
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    This app is a complete joke. It's been in beta and hasn't been touched since the day it was released. Why would someone create something with some much potential just let it collect dust?
    Hmmm, something with a lot of potential dying on the vine, yep, this definitely fits the Pre.
    The Saint
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    Well, it's been 5 days since I emailed the developer for the beta key as I bought the original version a while back. I liked the beta actually. Too bad it expired already and the developer never got back to me, so figures.
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    The AC2 beta can be unlocked. Here is the link to do so. Admittedly the developer has made the process a little convoluted, but it can be done. And the app itself is fantastic! Here's the link: Apps for webOS • View topic - ActiveCard 2 beta preview - remove your time limit UPDATED which will give you the instructions to register your ActiveCard paid app id, which in turn unlocks the AC2 beta with no time restrictions.

    Hope this helps.
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    I did not unlock the app before it expired.
    (i guess i should stop considering 'Homing Device' and actually install it.)

    Is there anyway to unlock it now or do I have to purchase it again?
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    I want to buy, but in italy i can't pay it on app catalog, what can i do?

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    I love this app idea, but there is no PIXI support. Please help us out here!
    Loving my Pixi. Yes I am a guy and own a Pixi, get over it.

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    Is there instructions anywhere for this? I have some questions having just bought it. Can we mix/match some of the things default on certain pages onto another page so we have what we want on one page? For example, i could care less about the notes widget but want the RSS reader on the same page as the clock and app launcher icons. Is there a way to make the RSS reader cover the whole screen rather than just a tiny little line across the top? It sounds like the developer isn't around anymore, thats too bad.

    Update: Nevermind, figured it out.. not a bad app.
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    I wish it will perform perfect on 2.0 ROM
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    I have trouble downloading the file
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    anyone would be kind to offer me the ipk file?
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