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    I actually like this version a lot more than the previous verison and would totally pay for this if you fixed/added

    it actually showed all my calendars (only 2 of my 5 google calendars are showing up)
    integration with google reader
    3 day forcast

    either way..well done
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    Quote Originally Posted by squeff View Post
    Think about it. Once it becomes "active," it's no longer a background. It's a foreground app. It has to be, because things that are on a background are, by definition, not usable.

    What you want, I suspect, is an app that auto-opens when another app isn't in the front?

    Here's my trick: I make this app a button on my quick launch bar. Then, whenever I want it, it's a swipe away.
    thats not the TYPE of "background" i was talking about.what i meant by background was it runs over the wallpaper BUT behind any other app that might be open, the VIEWABLE background
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    Is this available through Preware? I don't see it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djdisturbed View Post
    thats not the TYPE of "background" i was talking about.what i meant by background was it runs over the wallpaper BUT behind any other app that might be open, the VIEWABLE background
    If it's running behind other apps, how would you see it? Much less how would you interact with it?

    Remember, WebOS doesn't have the concept of "show desktop" or minimizing to a taskbar (like Windows). The only way to see the background is to CLOSE every open app.

    And it's something that can open on top of other apps, then it's an app. Which is what it does right now.
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    I don't care so much about being able to interact. I want to be able to see appts, weather etc. and I can go to the calendar when I want to add something that I don't mind. I just want to be able to look at my phone and see up coming appts. etc.
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    I could be mistaken, but this is a direct replacement and rename of the previous application home screen app that dev was working on previously...correct?

    As in the dev of this app is not making 2 different similar apps, but the last one has evolved into this one....

    Feel free to correct me if I'm incorrect in my assumption.
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    I noticed this app has a com.palm appID. is this true for the version in the app catalog as well?
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    I really like this app. It's something I've been wanting since I got the Pre. I do have a question though. I understand all the "buttons" or icons, but what does the star on the bottom left do? I can't figure it out other than it's some stuff that I may or may not use "twitter", etc. Can I change what's included in it?
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    This is a pretty bad *** app, I only wish we could make it the default screen vs having it as a card, I tend to just close all of my cards, a habit I got from WM making me do so to keep the OS stable.
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    I've been waiting for this app to resurface. I was one that liked having smaller icons vs. larger giving us more screen real estate with more options. So far so good.

    I'd like to see the icons at the bottom look a little more Pre-WebOS like vs. the current nondescript buttons that lack color or detail. The former wave was nice--something with more detail again would be nice. Also, the widgets at the top are a little too close to the Pre battery, bluetooth, etc., status icons. It just looks a little crowded at the top. I do like the look of the widgets at the top however, and this is the kind of detail that would be nice to see in the larger launcher icons at the bottom.

    Lastly, it would also be nice to have the option of displaying a large customized widget in the open screen area all the time when all the launcher stuff is closed, like the former AHS version displayed weather, clock, etc., all the time.

    Thanks again! Keep updating--tweaking and good luck!
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    I assume that buying via Palm's app store will give users free updates? Pardon me if the answer is obvious. I'm going to buy but want to make sure with my purchase I get free updates.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry for the numerous posts vs. one succinct post.

    I like (maybe even love) the new icon "ac2." It fits nicely onto my Pre's launcher next to the other icons. The older AHS icon was too large for my taste and looked out of place. Don't know if you're planning any changes or updates to the program's icon itself, but I just wanted to say this was a major improvement (among many others) and I like the direction you've taken it!

    Thanks again.

    P.S.: Also like how the 9 contacts and 6 contacts work! 6 work like a speed dial to a preferred number and the 9 go to all numbers, emails for that contact. Very nice! Very thoughtful and versatile! And the online games are worth the price of the program itself! Thanks again.
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    I love this app. when will it be coming out permanently. Does it deactivate after 3 days or will new downloads of this app be block?. only thing i need added is more RSS feeds, right now it seem looked at yahoo news.
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    Good work so far on this app. It would be nice if there was some sort of visual confirmation when pressing on icons, especially on the lauchbar. Sometimes, I'm sitting there waiting for the app to open, not realizing the tap didn't register. It seems less refined because of this. It would also be nice if the calendar showed Monday, Tuesday, etc besides just the date. Also, there are some people who add a repeating event early in the morning and late at night so that the Pre Calendar condenses itself in a accordion form; ie "Start of Day" and "End of Day" events. The Agenda Homebrew program was able to ignore these events as long as the user named the event "iGnore-ME" at the end. It would be icing on the cake if ActiveCard provided this option.

    Great Job so far!
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    This is looking good. I have a few suggestions that I would like to see.

    1. Make the icons bigger. Its hard for me to see with my aging eyes.
    2. Make some text improvements on the agenda. I would like to see a break between days.
    3. Im not sure if its needed to have a quick dial as well as a favorites.
    4. When you turn off the RSS ticker it leaves the blank space on the bottom. It looks a little weird.

    Overall I have been waiting for something just like this. I realy like the functionality of the favorites section.
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    This App has great potential. If we're lucky someday it will actually become a *real* app and not a revolving door of betas.

    Having said that, I have a question that I'm hoping SOMEONE can answer: Why is it that each and every weather app (including this one that contains weather) DOES NOT update the current temp automatically. It seems I need to close out of ActiveCard II and reopen to get the temperature to change. What am I missing/doing wrong?
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    This app is pretty cool, although I don't think I'm using it to its full potential.
    I, for one, like having it as it's own card rather than as a background. Combined with advanced gestures and better use of the wave quick launch bar, this has the potential to smooth my WebOS usage out some.

    I agree with vandoc, there should be some kind of visual confirmation for presses.
    I would add that, it would look nicer if there were animations when bringing up different things within the app. I also think it would feel much better integrated with webOS if you included some swipe gestures. Like left to right swipes to switch from calendar to weather to RSS Feeds to contacts.

    App doesn't resize when I have one of the small email notifications at the bottom of my screen; it covers up the news ticker exactly.

    Added a quick contact, removed them, and their picture was still on the contacts list icon until the app was restarted.
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    Love this updated version. Still needs plenty of visual refinement. Huge potential
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    i got from preware today and I like it, but won't yet use it because its not quite finished but it has wonderful potential. I would like to see tasks and notes added for a true agenda function (maybe linking contacts to and note/tasks to events and such would be very nice) it works well for what it is now but I cannot get the task launcher to remember any app I choose for the launcher list. and I am only choosing native apps like notes, tasks, phone etc...

    Do keep it progressing, I would pay $10 for the above listed changes. And yes, running directly on the desktop instead of a card would be ideal.
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    Thanks for your hard work, I love the concept of this app.
    I would like to have metrics (C, 24-hour clock ...)
    I would like to have more than one weather station.
    I don't understand why there are two quickcontcts-buttons (on top and on bottom)
    I would prefer integration of google reader instead of yahoo-reader
    I don't like the news ticker on the bottom of the screen
    The top-buttons work very sluggish, I have to tap twice to get an answer.
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