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    Periodic Table Quick Reference

    Atomic Number

    Needed forum page for app submission
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    thanks, big help for chem hw.
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    I have been waiting for a Periodic Table, hope to see what the future brings with this app and looking forward to being able to download it.

    Edit: Thanks for the continued updates. Looking good. At some point will you be implementing it as a table (graphically)? It would be nice to see that, similar to ChemTable for Palm OS. Unlike a later post says , I think it would be nice to see the entire table on one screen in landscape view, rather than part of the screen at a time. If it needs to be on more than one screen try to keep to no more than two.

    By the way your app is not showing up on Filecoaster or Preware. Just thought you might want to know.
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    First draft is pending moderator's only text based now. I had drawn an html chart but couldn't get it to fit on the screen, maybe i'll revisit it.

    and to be honest I don't really know what I'm doing.
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    Text based is better than nothing. I'd like to contribute, but I'm too much of a flake to promise anything. I'll see if I can produce an "app" of the table part of the table of elements and I'll PM you.
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    Updated screen shot with additional data elements.
    The next version with have Previous/Next and Random buttons for navigation.
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    Looking forward to development on this! I've had a periodic table on every one of my Palms from the PalmIII to TX, so I'm at a bit of a loss on the Pre. On my Palms I was most recently using ChemTable. I think this is a good example of the type of elemental data, as well as data source. I was especially impressed with the list of abundance of isotopes that they added in v2.23.

    Regarding a graphical representation of the table -- don't try to get the whole table on screen; maybe just half or even a third, and use the Pre's scrolling. I'm using ChemTable in Classic on the Pre (as a stopgap), and with half the table on the screen I don't seem to have any trouble selecting an element.

    Lastly, being able to sort elements by several key fields would be very nice, too, at some point.

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    v0.0.8 available HERE

    I'll have the new version uploaded tomorrow.
    Then considering a list view instead of a single element view toggle.
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    Good start, but a lot of work to do.

    You need an actual table of the elements instead of just a list. Clicking on the table should take you to your list item.

    You should be able to swipe left to go from Helium to Lithium, and swipe right to go from Helium to Hydrogen, etc. etc. etc.

    Put the numbers on the list, and allow sorting by atomic number.

    Color coding of element categories would be cool.

    A lot of folks like having the periodic table in their pockets. Your program is going to be a winner.
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    Uploaded 0.1.0
    Includes a Left/Right/Random and Wiki Entry BUtton
    Flick Left/Right controls...I'm not real happy with this yet....anyone have suggestions for better flick detection than

    if (event.velocity.x > 100 && Math.abs(event.velocity.y) < 100 ) {
    if (event.velocity.x < -100 && Math.abs(event.velocity.y) < 100 ) {

    making sure the y was not flicked stopped from accidentally changing elements when flicking up and down but left and right don't seem that responsive.
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    Thank you for the App
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    lol i was just about to make this app. thanks dude, will be a big help in chemistry. Your an amazing god
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    Why is this not showing up in Preware?

    I can find it in PreCentral's mobile App Gal, but I get an install error when posting the link into fileCoaster.

    I am WAY above the Pre's standard app limit, but Preware's code noodlings don't seem to help.

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