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    Concert Finder allows you to find concerts going on around the country. You can search for specific artists or browse what concerts are going on in a particular city. The app allows you to keep track of favorite artists, view event photos, get directions to venues, purchase tickets and add events to your calendar. Concert Finder is powered by, the most comprehensive concert listing system. This version is ad supported. Palm is currently reviewing a paid version that does away with the ads and will have additional functionality in the future.

    1.5.2 -
    Added option to send concert information to a friend
    Handles initial gps errors more gracefully
    General stability enhancements
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    Awesome, just started playing around with this and already appears to blow the other concerts app (from the official app store) out of the water.

    Quick feedback, being able to sort your favorite artists alphabetically would be handy. Nevermind, looks like it did that after a restart of the app.

    Notifications for favorite artists that have upcoming shows near your location, etc.

    You stated there will be additional features so this may already be on the way
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    Blown away by the amount of concerts going on which I didn't know about! Thanks for this app! At the moment, I can't ask for more.. give me a few days and maybe I can come up with a few things. =)

    thanks again, awesome job!
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    It would be nice if I could email a show/venue/artist from with in the app.

    There is a band that is coming to town and I would like to share it with my friends. Could you add a share link please?
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    I am having a problem with this app hanging while it tries to locate using GPS.
    I have removed and reinstalled the app, rebooted the Pre, and toggled the GPS location service, but continue to get the same result.
    Other apps that use location are working fine.
    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Impressed as well by this app. Seemed to be pretty comprehensive in scope, covering the major venues of my city as well as the popular small music venues. Thanks, great job.
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    Now that it is working, this app rocks! Now I hope that we, in future updates will be able to search by genre.

    Please add comedy shows to the database.
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    Absolutely amazing app, but why is it that the lists of shows are so much more indepth on the website? Case in point there are several shows within 25 miles of me that don't show on the app, but show on PreAmped..

    EDIT: Didn't realize you could adjust the distance of shows from you.. problem solved! Great job!
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    Very good app! Works great
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    I love tell a friend, but could you allow us to choose if we would like to SMS a link vs email.
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    Can we have a change-log for when you do updates as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by socca1157 View Post
    Can we have a change-log for when you do updates as well?
    oops... forgot to update the thread when I posted the update.
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    Uninstalling the virtual keyboard and message forwarding patches fixed my problem of Concert Finder not locating me with GPS
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    I would greatly prefer if the app did not add calendar events as all day events. Would that be possible?
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    The app adds calendar events as all day events when the actual showtime isn't known. For concerts that are known to start at a specific time it schedules them for an hour.

    I'm open to suggestions though, if anyone can think of a better way to handle that.
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    I can't get the ticket purchase to work as the ticketmaster site doesn't work with the pre. Is there a ticket order app.?

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