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    CelText is an app for Irish Pre & Pixi users that allows you to send 250 free texts per month.

    It works with 02, Meteor and Vodafone, and is essentially a convenient way to access the free web texts that your mobile operator gives you.

    Note: CelText is now available in the official App Catalog, and all newer versions will be added there


    v.0.1.4 Added a "Sending Message" dialog, including the option to send a regular SMS if the online operator is not functioning.

    v0.1 Initial release
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    hey man, love the app. its so simple to use and great for when you used up the texts that come with your price plan. got 2 quick question for you about it. If i have more than one number under an individual in my phone book how do i select different numbers? and is it possible to view the whole message or just one line? i just wanna say again great work on the app
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    Hi Cildada,

    Thanks for the comments.
    Its not currently possible to view more than one line,
    and it is something I'll add in later versions.

    CelText is currently in review for the App Catalogue,
    And all updates will go there, including the ability to
    select from multiple numbers. A Pro version will also
    contain even more features for a tiny fee :-)

    Glad you like the app, keep the suggestions coming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaneosullivan View Post

    keep the suggestions coming!
    Handy app and thanks for the effort.

    I send most of my texts to 2 or 3 people so some way to select favourites quickly would be great.

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    The auto generation of favourites, from people you text more often, is a feature that I plan to put in the Pro version. Any more ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaneosullivan View Post
    The auto generation of favourites, from people you text more often, is a feature that I plan to put in the Pro version. Any more ideas?
    Could the celtext principle be used to auto login to online banking and get back bank balances, statement lists etc. Its quite awkard doing this on mobile devices currently.

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    Quite possible, but automating the log in to a banking could be difficult. Also, it would raise all sorts of security questions, and the bank could very well try to stop you. They're understandably concerned about machines accessing user accounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaneosullivan View Post
    They're understandably concerned about machines accessing user accounts.
    How does security on Celtext work? Is the password sent directly to the encrypted mobile website or does it pass through your server unencrypted?

    As a suggestion for improvement, I like to be able to see all my text when entering a message...currently in Celtext this scrolls and its not too easy in webos to get back to the beginning to edit or view.

    Another thing I would love to see is Celtext integrated with Synergy where incoming texts and outgoing Celtexts all appear in the same conversation...not sure if Palm allows that sort of functionality.

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    The user info is passed to my server, which does the hard work of connecting to O2, Meteor etc. There's no storage of any kind of course - it's a straight pass-through process, from the phone to the carrier.

    You make a good point about encryption however, I'll have to switch to https on my server.
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    As for the Synergy, yes I'd like that too, but I'm not sure that Palm allow it. If not, I've planned to build in some simple message threading so you can at least look at the messages you've sent before.

    A multi-line text input is also in the works, probably going into the Pro version.
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    I've just uploaded a new version of CelText, v0.1.3. It has support for contacts with multiple numbers, and also adds a check for net connection.

    As always, please keep the feedback coming.

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    hey, great app can you please add functionality for the o2 germany site?

    redards azthel
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    Hi Azthel,

    Unfortunately I won't be able to add functionality for O2 Germany. As i don't have an account in Germany, I can't test it. However, if someone would like to collaborate with me on this who has both knowledge of interoperating with the German O2 web text service, and an account with O2 Germany, I'd be very open to working with them. Obviously the same goes for anyone who'd like to collaborate on an app for the UK.
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    Hi I have installed celtext but cant seem to get past the username and password error no buttons?...sorry it seems to have logged me in know...not sure what happened, I had entered the details nothing happened then I closed the app and opended it later and it works.

    This is very handy. more Irish based pre apps like this would be great.
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    simply swipe backwards
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaneosullivan View Post
    simply swipe backwards
    Right a little unclear as you would expect to go forward at the every least, either way great to see useful Irish based apps for the Pre.
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    Agreed, it's a bit unclear. The Palm app guidelines state that you shouldn't use Save buttons though, so I'm just following them.

    As for Irish apps on the Pre, check out my other one, Irish Rain, in the App Catalog. Also, whenever paid apps are available, I'll submit CelText Pro, which has many more useful features.
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    are you still working on this app? would love to help you with o2 germany support!
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    Yes, I'm still working on it, and would love to get it working for the German market. You can email me at shaneosullivan1 at
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    i just wrote you an email with more information
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