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    Post photos directly from your webOS powered device to over 100 services across the Social Web. We include support for most of the popular social networks, micro-blogs, photo/video and blog services around the globe.

    This initial version is based on Flickr Uploadr & provides a similar user experience however plugs into Pixelpipe Media Gateway to allow for delivery of photos to a huge selection of services. Send to one or several at the same time, the choice is yours.

    Supported services include:

    Social Networks:
    MySpace, Facebook, hi5, Friendster, imeem, Vox, Bebo, Hyves, Xanga

    Twitter, TwitVid, Brightkite, FriendFeed, TwitPic, kwippy, Plurk,, plerb, youare, twitgoo, Jaiku, yfrog,, Google Talk,,, Tweetphoto, koornk, TwitrPix, twitsnaps, Utterli,,, LinkedIn, Plaxo,

    Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Nokia Ovi, MobileMe, Phanfare, Smugmug, Vimeo, ImageShack, pikeo, webshots, FotoTime, Zooomr, Fotki,, 23hq, Photoservice, 72 photos, ipernity, Shutterfly, photobox, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, Zenfolio, Gallery Menalto, DropShots, SnapMyLife, tinypic,, Windows Live Spaces, pikchur, Viewbook, OurDoings,

    Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, tumbler, LiveJournal, Atom, MetaWeblog, MovableType, Drupal, Squarespace

    Posterous,, Mobypicture

    Online storage:,,

    Picturtrail, imageloop

    AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile

    FTP, Email, qipit, Scribd, Evernote, Slideshare

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    This looks quite cool. I have been wanting to be able to queue up several photos and then upload them all at once.... and to multiple "places" is just more icing on the cake. I'm gonna install this and give it a whirl this weekend while my in-laws are in town. I'm sure I'll have some pics with them and the kids I can put up at several different places to give it a proper try.

    Thanks for your efforts.
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    We'll be releasing an update next week that includes the ability to set title, description & tags. Yes, we we know that feature is important and has been missing from the Pre for too long now!
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    Okay, let me make sure I understand how this thing works.

    1) I installed the app using preware, ran it, set up my account and authorized it. That worked fine.

    2) I then began adding pipes. I added Facebook, Picasa, and Twitter. Only Facebook is set as "default" destination. This means, I think, when I select a few photos (queue them up) and then select upload, that they are then uploaded to pixelpipe which will then put them on facebook and publish them to my profile. They aren't put on Picasa and Twitter because those aren't set as a "default" location for my new uploads.

    3) The only way to get the pictures then to go to say Picasa in addition to Facebook is by changing that "default" setting on the pixelpipe website.

    I must say this appears to work quite nicely, however I would like to be able to just chose the destinations (pipes) from within the app, say when I'm selecting pictures. This would be faster than having to choose "My Pipes" and then turning the "default" setting on and off for each pipe I want to send to. Sometimes I just wanna put stuff on Facebook, sometimes Picasa and Facebook, and sometimes just Picasa. Its slow to change this with the current setup.

    I'd also like to be able to select more than 1 picture at a time to add to the queue, instead of having to add them individually. Like I could select "add picture" and then select multiple pics and then click a "done" button. All these pics are then queued up, and then i can choose which pipes to send to, all from within the app.

    But as is, it is a great start, and I know I'll get a lot of use out of this, even just uploading several pics to Facebook will be much nicer now.
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    I'm having a hard time getting this app to work. I've authenticated however, when I hit continue nothing happens. Any suggestions?

    p.s. Looks like a great app. Can't wait to start using it!

    edit: looks like a had to double tap the continue button. Tried a single tap several times and didn't work. Odd. May be something with my Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixelpipe View Post
    We'll be releasing an update next week that includes the ability to set title, description & tags. Yes, we we know that feature is important and has been missing from the Pre for too long now!
    WOOHOO! Being able to set comments on photos for FB would be awesome. Have you considered doing video in the future as well?

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    having problems also.

    at first i could not get the sign up page to load. then i did.. then i signed up but continue does nothing.

    i closed and hitting authenticate brings up a page saying ive authenticated or whatever it said, and to go back and hit continue, but continue still does noothing

    looks like a great app though!
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    @twentythreemx @alan7467

    I had the same issue as you guys. Once you're done authenticating, close the card, wait a few minutes, and try again. It finally worked for me about after three minutes' wait.

    Great app! A few would make it even MORE awesome: Ability to write a description for certain uploads (like posterous) but not for others (like picasaweb.) Also, a faster way to upload multiple photos would be nice too. :-) Sweet app, the ONLY useful app (besides Preware and LaunchPad) I've found so far!
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    Would it be possible to add the feature to 'resize' the image prior to upload? Those picture the pre takes are way too big (and therefore too long to upload) for just uploading in the web. Thanks.
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    Yeah I can't get authenticate to work at all.
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    got mine to work.. was still having trouble. on the page that showed i was authetnicated i hit the little menu button and looked at some settings, then closed the card and hit continue and it worked for some reason. maybe just coincidence. I didnt change any settings just looked at the page.

    Quesiton for dev - is there a way to upload myspace photos to another folder other than default? works great for facebook and photobucket! thanks!
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    The poster mentions that it supports video upload services, how do I upload a video to my photobucket or other video upload service? I can only seem to add photos? Any ideas?

    Looks like a cool app, thanks,

    CaliMark (Mark Reed)
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    Nice. A nice feature would be auto sync pipe or pipes w/ directory I choose. Not complaining though. Love the app!
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    We have an update coming next week that include the ability to set title, description & tags. We provide a method of sending to specific services based on "Routing Tags" contained with the upload eg. @twitter, @facebook, @friends.... so you'll be able to send to specific services on the fly.
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    We support uploads of photo, video & audio in our other clients. It'll be easy for us to add these capabilities to our webOS client as soon as the platform supports capture of video & audio.
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    How are you capturing and viewing the video files? Our platform supports video upload so we'll just need to add the capability to the webOS client
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    MySpace album uploads are coming, should be live in a week or two.
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    Is there a way to have a pipe set to email to a specific email address? I'm still old school and would like to know that I have a copy of a picture emailed to me to save on my home PC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixelpipe View Post
    How are you capturing and viewing the video files? Our platform supports video upload so we'll just need to add the capability to the webOS client
    You can send a video to your phone by plugging it into a computer via USB. I was hoping to be able to send MMS messages w/ videos attached with Pixelpipe since this feature isn't available to a non-patched PRE. Thanks.

    CaliMark (Mark Reed)
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    very nice!
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