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    This is a stock portfolio application for the Palm Pre. Add stocks to watch and trades made with those stocks and save their value. View stock information and large, fullscreen charting. I plan to add many more features. Enjoy!

    Download Here:

    EDIT 10/13 (v0.0.1):
    - application expires on 11/15
    - initial version

    - this is an early beta, will be adding much more along the way
    - only manual refresh/update

    License: this application is NOT open source. Do not distribute!

    Also, Donations are greatly appreciated and will help to speed up development:
    Donations d0lph1nK1ng Software
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    Nice! Maybe it's just too early, but I'm getting an access denied error when clicking the link?
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    yeah, keep checking back... needs to be reviewed by PreCentral 1st
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    Very nice! I like having separate portfolios and the ability to keep a running total of the trades and total portfolio value, well done!
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    nice initial release. are technical indicators and maybe stock screening going to be part of a future update?
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    After I load two portfolios one with one stock the other with about five. Everything is fine until I exit the program. Upon re-launching the program all I get is a blank screen with with the Portolios banner at the top. But not even a link to add a new portfolio.

    If I tap the refresh button, I get the Hunting symbol spinning forever until I exit the program (thank god for multitasking, easy to kill a program stuck in a forever loop)

    I have removed the app, re-installed it, rebooted. but it happens again. I think it is related to the number of stocks stored. If I have two portfolios with one stock each it works fine
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    yea i've been noticing this issue, too... i'll be looking into it. thanks
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    Dolph1n I been following you ever since you started with the Instinct and loved you for you work on that phone. However you need to bring something extra to the table with this phone, since that top stocks lite pretty much does everything here but makes it look nicer. I would love to see improved graphics all around, because really that's all what your core apps lack.
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    well considering that this is version 0.0.1, i was thinking of holding off on the graphics until the core functionality has been developed. thanks for your love and support
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    THis is definitely looking promising. I can't wait to see where you go with it!
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    My bad I thought it was 1.00 >.< sorry I will check better next time.
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    Sorry though I read version 1.00 so thats why I typed that, I will read more carefully next time. However after following, has anything happened there at all? Also will KB come to develop for the Pre, because that would be awesome.
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    no problem. i was thinking of having an option that would make the stocks tile in boxes looking like the NASDAQ board
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    Nice app. When will it become available again?
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    thanks, i'm not quite sure cuz there are many other stock apps that are further along than this one

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