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    This is the official thread for Roller Ball

    Easy to learn hard to master, the classic boardwalk game of skee-ball comes to the Pre. Aim and swing by making an underhand pitching motion to start the ball rolling up the ramp. Different speed swings will let you get to all the high point holes. Too slow and the ball won’t make it all the way to the top of the ramp and it will roll back down. If you hit one of the lit up bonus targets you can get an extra ball. This is a great game if you just want to kill a couple of minutes.

    Roller Ball is still in beta but getting closer to the app catalog. Please give me feedback and let me know what you think.

    CHANGELOG for version 1.0.11:
    • Bonus targets give you an extra ball
    • Pixi support
    • Added a help screen
    • Fixed a problem with the settings to make the changes greater within the game.

    CHANGELOG for version 0.9.17:
    • Fixed the reset of input if you clicked after flicking a ball.
    • Made the tagets ovals match the graphics so it is easier to score
    • Made more realistic physics for rolling around the targets
    • Fix a bug that kept you from being able to roll after you flicked
    • Preferences to add or remove the prompts and adjust x sensitivity work

    CHANGELOG for version 9.15
    • Fixed the balls bias so it doesn't try to always go to the right
    • Added rainbow light panels on the rails
    • Added Flick in the touchbar to make playing easier in enclosed spaces
    • Added an animation to the game over sequence
    • Added highscores
    • Changed to run all animation on a single timer to be more efficient
    • Added background music.
    • added support for multiple boards
    • Updated the graphics

    Still to do:
    • Tickets for prizes
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    Really neat use of the accelerometer, although I'm terrified of throwing my phone by mistake.
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    I love the idea, the graphics could use some work, but definately a great game!
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    Neat concept. I'll still never get any tickets! LOL
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    this is the kind of stuff im waiting for!! thanks a ton. very fun and cool to show off. graphics are really bad though, no offense..

    the ball always seems to go to the right for me and bounce off the wall or whatever.. maybe im not doing it good. only played for a few min.

    looking forward to updates, thanks!!
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    You need to have an option of a tether strap like the Wii, for sale after you make the app cat.
    Great game.
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    Nice game!
  8. Xyg
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    The game play is okay, but sweet jesus is your interface ugly.
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    Yes, the interface looks worse than my old atari 2600 back in the day.
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    Graphics need help, but since this is only a beta, I'm sure they will get better.
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    This game is terrific fun. Just update the graphics and maybe add some more options to the interface and you have a classic on your hands.
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    Very innovative! So refreshing to see something different!
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    Also, I'm am noticing the ball tends to go to the right for me too. Not sure if it is my technique.
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    even if i make sure to do a striaght forward movement the ball 90% of the time goes to the right..

    still fun trying to get it to go straight lol.. but hopefully it will be improved. still enjoying it, thanks
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    good app, would be great if graphics were updated also goes to the right for me too. Great concept props on all the hard work. Just brush it up and it will be gold.
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    Only game I play. Thanks for making a great free game.
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    don't know how much you can do in the sdk but some kind of roller sound or sound period be good. I'm just scared I'm going to let go of my phone.
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    I already deleted out of shear frustration. I cannot get the speed right. Either way too soft or way too hard. Good concept tho. I'll try again if there's an update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by utdps View Post
    I already deleted out of shear frustration. I cannot get the speed right. Either way too soft or way too hard. Good concept tho. I'll try again if there's an update.
    you just suck buddy this only aearly beta app give it some time.
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    neat concept. looking forward to "flick" play. i agree that the graphics need some work. i think you need to go with much calmer colors (especially for the runway). the splash screen has way too much going on as well.
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