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    nice update. I think Board 2 looks excellent. The flick to play seems very accurate to me. Music is nice too.

    I did notice that after you roll or flick, you can flick or tap while the ball is still in flight. This sort of resets the ball and then it seems like it's velocity. I did this on my last ball, and an error showed up on the top, and the game over sign kept spinning and growing.

    Keep up the good work
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    definitely an improvement. still pretty slow and seems a little buggy but much better. its playable now, before it was cool to try but i put it away. ive actually tried a few times now. keep up the progress!
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    Found it and fixed it. Thanks! It will be in the next update.
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    much much betta. keepn on my fone now. both wif da flick and da swing motion is n depth. jsjsjs $more$ $realistic$ $graphics$ ($if$ $ur$ $goin$ $4$ $dat$) $n$ $more$ $smoother$ $gameplay$ $n$ $diz$ $will$ $b$ $a$ $sellable$ $app$
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