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    The purpose of the Beer Judge Certification Program is to promote beer literacy and the appreciation of real beer, and to recognize beer tasting and evaluation skills. We certify and rank beer judges through an examination and monitoring process.

    What are the Styleguidelines?
    Styles are a convenient shorthand for discussing beer. They allow all those who are tasting and describing a beer to use a common framework and language. Style Guidelines are designed to assist organizers, entrants and judges participating in beer, mead and cider competitions by providing a standardized set of descriptions of beer, mead and cider styles.<br/><br/>

    The styles included in the guidelines are not meant to describe every beer style made in the world (at least not yet). They are meant to cover the most common ones entered in homebrew competitions. The style descriptions are based on currently acknowledged world class examples, historical references to styles no longer brewed, and writings of noted beer researchers and journalists.

    In a competition setting, the Style Guidelines provide guidance to judges so that there is a level playing field for all entrants. Judges and entrants are both using the same descriptions, so the decision on "which beer is best?" is based less on personal whim of the judges and more on how well the entered beer matches world class commercial examples of the style.

    Style guidelines assist competition organizers by grouping together beer styles of similar characteristic for judging purposes. Judges have an easier time selecting the best beer in a flight if there is as little variation as possible. Grouping beer styles together into categories makes this easier. Category groupings are somewhat arbitrary at times, since some beer styles don't necessarily have strong historical, regional or cultural ties to other styles.

    For more information visit: Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)
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    SFF, are you suggesting that you are making an app that will show/teach the style guidelines? This would be extremely cool!

    "Relax, Don't worry - Have a homebrew" (app)!
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    ...More like homebrew on homebrew.
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    Can you qualify to be a beer judge if you're a member of AA?
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    Downloaded the app, ran it, big blank white page...the menu in the corner does nothing. My phone has been completely upgraded and this is the only app that doesn't work.
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    I brew my own beers and this is awesome! but I get a white page also, app dont work
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    +1 white screen.
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    *White screen!
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    By the looks of it, this is a potentially awesome app. Unfortunately I get the white screen too. Hope this works soon.
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    Got a batch of Raspberry Brown Ale fermenting now.....goes great with White Screen of Nothingness
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    I'm sooooo excited about this app... even if it is a white screen. I only wish you had done this sooner. I entered a brew into the CO state fair and did very poorly because I mis-categorized it . This should save me from myself for next year.

    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I would love an app that lets me take notes on the brewing process (time of boil, what kind of hops, how much, when added, etc...) Basically, the more homebrew-homebrew apps, the better!
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    Hmm.. I will work on it and get it sorted out. Hope those that have voted will rescind their negative votes once I have it fixed for your device.

    All those who are having problem, are you on the latest version of WebOS?
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    Ok. Can you guys try again, please? 1.0.3 is up.
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    Ok, I've installed 2x and reset my Pre. Running WebOS 1.2.1 and BJCP 1.0.3. Still getting big ugly white screen

    I'll keep it installed so PreWare will let me know when its updated.
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    Same! Upgraded to 1.0.3 ahd still get white screen.
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    +1 white screen BJCP 1.0.3
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    Upgraded also, white screen still
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    Same here. Just rename it as a flashlight app and call it good
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    Another white screen here w/ 1.0.3
    Is there some sort of dependency problem going on?
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    White screen
    Has anyone gotten this app to work?
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