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    Quote Originally Posted by CheshireFrog View Post
    There are still some issues, but if you are intent on doing this, here's how:

    First off, don't do this at all if your Pre was upgraded from 1.1 to 1.2. If you upgraded you will need to run WebOS Doctor to reimage your phone with a clean install of 1.2.

    Having done that, download the Messaging Plugins .ipk detailed in the first post in this thread. Fire up WebOS Quick Install and install the .ipk. If you get an error 4 during the install the stop and install Preware and the Package Manager, then try installing the Messaging Plugins again. Don't ask me why, Greg suggested it and it worked for me.

    You should know that if this all works you will be able to use MSN Messenger, but AIM will stop working, at least until the devs figure out why, so if AIM is important to you you might want to wait for the issues to be fixed.

    On a completely unrelated note, if you appreciate the work that went into this as much as I do, consider making a donation to the project. The link to the PayPal account is in the first post.
    Can someone please point me in the direction of Preware and Package Manager? While Im sure they are in the easiest place on earth to locate Ive hunted and cannot seem to find them! I did get the error 4 so apparently I need them. Thanks everyone!
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    Alright i got Yahoo and MSN working Together Yeaaaaaaaaaa Thank You Greg Roll You ROCK!!!!
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    does 1.0.3 work with msn messenger?

    2010-2011 Champions!

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    Just tried it here, but only using though and thanks for the great work!
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    yahoo and msn both work great
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    Ignore me...I found Preware and Package Manager!
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    lol ignore me... no one is ignoring you but good job for finding preware and package manager
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    Does AOL still work at the same time as Yahoo?
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    so im guessing msn does work with 1.0.3...bc i installed 1.0.1 yesterday and msn didnt even show up

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    yeah msn does work
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    OK, I installed Messaging Plugins 1.0.3. Like an ***** I didn't delete my Yahoo account first and I ended up with double contacts in the Buddies list for all my Yahoo contacts. Deleted the Yahoo account (twice) and rebooted.

    I can verify that MSN and Yahoo are both working, contacts show up fine, online/offline status is accurate, messaging works both directions.

    I do not have an AIM account to test with, so I can't verify that AIM and MSN are working together.

    To Greg and the individuals who tested this: My hat's off to you. This was the one GLARING ommission in the Pre. If Palm puts this on the App Catalog I will be buying it.
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    alright guys with 1.0.3...i can say...MSN AIM and Yahoo r working fine at the same time!!!!

    great job all the guys that put an effort on this...AMAZING!!!

    2010-2011 Champions!

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    how are you guys installing this?

    via git or web os quick install?
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    New Version 1.0.3


    Hi everyone,

    Good news. Version 1.0.3 has been released which supported WebOS 1.2 updates, fixed AIM and fixes yahoo messaging.

    A big big thanks to VeeDubb65 for debugging and thread support!

    If you have a Yahoo IM account added please remove this first.

    You can install the IPK over the top of the old version.

    I am taking some time off over the next 3 days. I will try and get on when I can. Hopefully this version will get everyone up and running while I am away.

    New version can be found here Messaging Plugins - Windows Live

    Thank you all for your patience.

    You need to download this one first
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    look for gregs post on page 7
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    I have a fresh installed WebOS 1.2 ...tried installing 1.3. QI (2.5) transfers the file. But hangs in the installing phase....30 seconds later PRE reboots on its own. I check update...suggestions??


    Edit:...Guess I didnt wait a them all installed (AIM/YAHOO/MSN)....THANK YOU!!!!....

    update:Yahoo works!! Dont have MSN listed...
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    Excellent work Greg! This installed and works as advertised!

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    hey greg would it be possible to add Gadu-Gadu support to your Messaging plugins? :>

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    MSN is not listed.....

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