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    This is the official thread for the game Riot.

    You are in the wrong part of town on the wrong day. You have found yourself in the middle of a riot ravaged neighborhood a long way from home. People are throwing their possessions out their windows! You need to avoid all of the falling objects. The accelerometer will run your man back and forth across the screen, and you can use the keyboard as well. There are currently 12 different neighborhoods. Each one is increasingly challenging with more junk coming at you as you get closer to home. Good luck and run fast!

    New in version 0.9.5
    Gifts: power-ups that will:
    - Give an extra life
    - Slows down the game for a short time
    - Add points to your score
    - Reduce the number of lethal objects on the screen for a short time

    Map: Added a path to visually show where you are in your journey.

    Speed: adjusted the speed of the game to flow better

    Animation: increased the FPS to make the game smoother

    Collision detection: Fixed a bug in the collision detection to be more accurate
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    Not released yet I assume... Or maybe I'm just blind in preware and filecoaster...

    Sounds like a fun addicting game
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    This game is a little like 'tussin tripping.

    Edit: and I like it
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    This is my first app for homebrew. I don't know when it will be published, so please keep checking back.
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    I really do like this game, keep workin on it. I'd like to see the graphics be a lil more 3D and lines of the sidewalk look smoother...

    Keep it up, this game has some cool potential!

    Suggestion: maybe for future releases, you can make people in the windows throwing stuff out at you and then lil objects on the sidewalk you can walk over/pick up and tap on the screen to throw back and knock people out of their windows for more points
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    Quote Originally Posted by crenshaw1 View Post
    why did you type this here?
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    Good idea. thanks!
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    I'm realy happy to see someone else incorporating the accelarometer (sp.?) into the gaming world. There's nothing better than homebrew... you guys & girls are seriously awsome. I'm not sure how much I'll be playing this game as it is a little on the elementary side but I aplaud the effort. You guys make this phone worth owning.
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    What has been changed or updated in the latest version?
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    I updated the key entry to have the change log. See above. Thanks
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    I love the funky feel to this game.. It almost has an Atari 2600 graphics quality to it!

    Add a simple, elevator music song to the background (having it change every few levels).. Ever heard the soundtrack to the classic games Elevator Action (the beginning theme) or Crazy Climber? Something not monotonous but fitting with the "funkiness" of the graphics..

    How about adding powerups such as as shield (you tap something in the corner that turns on a bubble around you.. a la classic Asteroids.. Stays on for about 3 seconds and then shuts off.. Or a "zoom" button.. That gets you out of harm's way quickly.. Almost like a teleport. How about the occasional crazy running person coming your way, and you have to tilt the phone downward (away from you) to jump over them (or their cars?) OK maybe I should stop while I'm ahead.

    Also if you stand too long without touching the screen, it dims. Please make the backlight stay on during this game.

    This bizarre game keeps me coming back to it at least every other day to kill some time. Thanks.
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    I am working on the backlight issue, Palm didn't make it easy. I like your other ideas. Thanks!

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