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    Yes. Reading online you will find reports of terminated accounts due to excessive roaming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Makinola View Post
    yes it does work with 1.4 but you have to swipe it away when it switches
    Is there someone that can update this so you do not have to swipe it away? Sounds kind of silly i am sure but trying to use this with mode switcher until ms fully supports voice roaming...

    When you set this to start on mode open, it opens, but because on the mode close start option, as the application is already open, ie- card is still there, it wont open again.

    Please anyone>???
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    I don't think this works with Verizon Palm Pre Plus, I enabled Roaming Only and my cell phones bars go blank. I restarted my phone after installing. :^(
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    my phone says Searching... up top, does that mean there is nothing for me to connect to?
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    is there one for 3G to 2G?
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