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    oh which reminds me of asking if there is any news on the adding to the reminder of an contact, or at least make a copy of the single personaltotal values possible?

    btw. my friend using iOS still did not find an app with all the features your app has

    Gre in die Schweiz...
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    just wanted to add my thanks for this app, one of the unsung hero's of webOS - its odd, there's a million tip calculator apps out there on all platforms but none get close to this.

    sounds extreme but have you patented this? Might be worth doing.....

    I'm trying to think of any improvements but to be honest I don't know of any, a TP version would be good (I dont use the contact reminder feature....).

    thanks again.
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    Thanks for all the praise! Every time somebody asks me about the popularity of STC I say that it's not very popular - but the people using it are very fond of it. And that's really great and might get me to one day create a new version (also with support for ios and android). BTW: I'm always surprised when people say there is no app like STC on ios or android - what do those lack? What makes STC special? I honestly have no idea ;-)

    But unfortunately, (@gizmo) I have not done any further work on STC, and I'm currently working on something else (using similar technologies - so this might lead to a new STC, too! But the time frame for this is unknown and rather large...). I just don't feel like investing a lot of work in a dead platform's app. If there's ever another version of STC, it will be all new.
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    Hello, and thanks you for this apps.
    But i don't anderstand "n-to-n" or in the page "balance overview" the explanation with the commom pot.
    Can you explain what do you you want to say ?

    1) STC has reached 1.0 with major changes in the way payments are handled. Major new feature is n-to-n payments!
    2) STC has been submitted to the app catalog (for free). Just note that the homebrew version is not compatible, but you can just keep on using the homebrew one.

    PRE3 since 6 month.
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    Looking for one right now.


    I'm looking for one similiar to it right now. I guess I'm too used to the way STC looks, and it's a good, clean, simple look.
    I like the fact that you can manually add how much the other person benefits from a purchase and the way it adds up you + and - balances.

    Don't over think it, go and do it
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    Hi rnatau and everyone!

    I'm using your program since I have discovered it, some 2 years ago. It is marvelous. It reminds me to the old PalmOS program "Holiday Debts".

    One thing I confronted with two weeks ago, was the default currency set to dollar. Up to this time this made no problem, but now we made a bigger trip with expenses in Euro and HUF (hungarian Forint) and had to trick the system by creating two projects (one for each).

    I would like to ask what are the chances of getting a fix for this?
    There could be two ways:
    1. purely cosmetic: allow in the project edit window to enter the name of the currency. this way at least the output would be straight forward.
    2. allow multiple currencies to be entered in a project, with a set conversion rate (that can be modified in the project settings screen too, together with the set of currencies available for the project).

    Even the first one would be good, because at a trip with lots of people at least one always gets confused if everywhere only sees $-$-$ in the balance overview

    Maybe as a last resort you should consider lifting the "No Derivatives" clause from the license, so other can change your code without any concern.

    Btw: what STC makes so great is the simplicity and ease of use with which you can enter expenses and calculate the balance. The n-to-n option is a plus that handles those corner cases that happen rarely, but are really hard to manage other ways.
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