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    Hm, unfortunately I can't really confirm that, as I already have it installed and don't want to uninstall :-)
    However, it says that it's part of the precentral feed etc, so everything seems so be working for me...
    Try going to "all packages" in preware and start typing, maybe that way you can find it.
    Note, btw, that the package name is "sharethecosts", whereas the program name is "STC".
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    I was able to install it in the end. And you are correct, the reason I didn't see it once it was on my Pre is that I was looking for "ShareTheCosts" rather than "STC". However, I still can't locate it in Preware, even when I have all the feeds enabled and do a search in the list of everything. webOS Quick Install, on the other hand, was able to see it. Strange.

    At any rate, it's a great program! Also, I imagine this bug has been reported before, but I thought I should mention that when using the arrows to move through the person-by-person expense reports tapping on the left arrow seems to make the program look at a memory space that doesn't exist or something. The right arrow, however, works fine.
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    rnatau, any thoughts about adding the ability to closeout projects and record payments?

    One other thing that I don't think has ever been covered... is there any way to backup the database?

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    OpenTrackRacer, sorry for not replying to your input - but I noted it. It's a good idea, and not hard to implement. However, I didn't have much time for development lately...
    About the backup: I'll submit the app to the catalog soon, so it'll be backed up by palm - only thing i'm unsure about is whether a catalog version would be able to access the old data.

    Diesel Donkey: Nope, this bug was not reported before. Thanks :-)
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    OpenTrackRacer is refering to an ability to back up the data itself. The app catalog backup only puts the app back on your PRE if needed but the data is wiped out. There needs to be some method of export/import of data or it needs to be stored on the USB drive partition I believe to allow us to secure our own data. I had my PRE log me out of my profile as had many others and it is like a partical erase then and I lost data in a couple of apps.
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    That's exactly right. I'd like to backup the database so I don't lose everything if my phone gets lost or crashes and needs a trip to the Doctor. I took a peek around the USB partition and didn't see anything.

    Nothing to be sorry about rnatau! I'm thrilled enough with the app as is. I've been putting transactions in to record payments and it actually works fairly well at this point.

    Thanks again for such a useful application!
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    What, data is not backed up? I thought that was the whole point! I can install apps myself, thankyouverymuch, but the data is gone?

    Alright, then I'll switch to "external" database - which should be visible on the usb partition.

    Thanks for your input!
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    it is the most useful and awesome app i have used till date. Thanks a lot for developing this app. I share an apartment with 4 friends and this has made our life super easy.

    Some suggestions

    -When I email the balance, how about pulling the email address from the contact
    and sending the email automatically without having to go to the compose email
    card. This could be a preference to send emails automatically or manually because I believe some people would like the existing method so they can edit
    the emails before sending them.

    - Ability to email the main balance page (where who is positive and who is negative is listed) to all the members of the project. Again this could follow the automatic and manual method of email and can be controlled by the preference.

    I understand that some people might not have email address for some contacts. You could for them just give them the option to enter the email address for them or tell them email not sent and they could use the manual method to type in the email.

    Let me know if there is a donate link which i missed. Would be more than happy to.
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    Dwall, good that you like it! I mainly use it for the same purpose as you, although I originally wrote it with holidays in mind :-)

    As for your inputs: I changed to the select-via-contact method exactly for the reason of having a current e-mail address handy. However, I soon found out that you can only access the data at the moment when you select a person - People surely won't understand why my program won't pull the e-mail-address they have added since creating the project. So I'd rather just not set an address by default :-)
    Also, I think you can't send the e-mail automatically - you'll always have open the e-mail card and click "send".

    The ability to send the whole balance is planned.

    And yes, I'm developing again, so you'll probably get a new version in a few weeks.
    As for the donate-button - I'm just happy that you like it! Maybe one day there'll be a paid version, but as one apparently has to jump through some hoops for the US tax authority, this has been postponed for now.
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    Edit: this info is not valid anymore. As of STC 0.4.2, the database is found on the USB drive to begin with. Backing up in the way described below will lead to the saving of old data.

    I was just asked by a user how to extract the database in case of touch screen loss.
    Having found a solution, I thought I'd share it here. Of course you can also use these instructions to back up your database.

    First off: You need to have developer mode activated - but I assume every self-respecting homebrewer has this at all times :-)
    Second: You'll need WebOS Quick Install on your PC

    - plug in the usb cable, don't do anything else
    - open WOSQI -> tools -> linux commandline
    - enter "cp /var/palm/data/*
    /media/internal/" - if it does not work ask your geek friends about it :-)
    - voila, the database is on the usb drive, which you can now access by pressing orange+sym+u

    Note that this does not guarantee that you'll ever be able to restore the data (just kidding, chances are good) and that I don't take any responsability whatsoever.

    And, yeah, I'm currently working on the database stuff so you can back it up more easily.
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    Just wanted to check in and see if there was any progress on a new version with a more easily backed up and restored database?

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    actually.... Yes, there is! Moving the data base was a real pain, but I managed to do it. Now I was working on more features, but I guess I could release the current state for now... Check in a day or so :-)
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    I know I've said it before but it's worth repeating... you're awesome!

    My current Pre is defective and I just received a replacement from Sprint. I did a test tonight by copying the database from my phone using webOSQuickInstall. I installed STC on my wife's Pre, renamed my database to match and moved it over. It worked perfectly but isn't exactly convenient. It saves my bacon right now however since I need to start from scratch with the new phone.

    Thanks again for such a great app!
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    Yeah, I know it's not convenient, and unfortunately it will not become that much easier. The difference will be that the database is accessible on the USB drive, but renaming will have to be done nonetheless... but it's just for backups, after all.

    So I take it you received a brand new pre, after what I've heard? Good for you :-)
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    It won't be too bad. Once it's on the USB drive it'll be much easier for most people (including me) to manipulate.

    Well, I did receive a new Pre. Unfortunately it was DOA. The second one they sent me is probably a refurb but I haven't checked yet. Oh well!
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    Is it possible to enter negative values in the "amount"? The reason being is on the upcoming trip I'm going on, we paid a certain amount for the trip but might end up getting a partial refund on the trip (we're not sure yet). I would like for there to be a line item for the refund but the refund would be a negative line item.
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    No, for various reasons the program doesn't allow negative values.
    I would suggest substracting the refund from the total value of the payment for the trip.
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    nice app for settlement thanks
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    Hi rnatau!

    Thanks for this great app!

    But, excuse my stupid question: How could I delete a Project?

    I'm able to add Projects but i find no way to delete a Holiday-Trip-Project after its done...

    EDIT: Latürnich! *andiestirnklatsch*

    Sorry, I found it. Hehe Only swipe ist to the right like in all other applications too...
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    Hehe, sorry for taking so long to reply, I was on my holidays (making extensive use of STC :-)).

    But as you already found the answer, all there is to say for me is: Thanks for using STC!
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