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    Just had a chance to play with the new version. The changes are excellent. This will be a big help on our next trip and I'm really looking forward to using it in the field.

    I do like the idea of being able to manually add people that aren't in your contacts. It's not critical but it would be nice.

    I have one new suggestion: It would be easier if all the beneficiaries were selected by default and you could then unselect the ones you didn't want. I have five people in my test project and it's a fair bit of hassle to select all five for each entry. It could be something selectable in preferences even.

    Thanks again for the outstanding work!
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    Well, it would not be a problem to add people not in the contacts, as this is the way it was before. However it's kind of a hassle to have both ways... And the contacts-way is much more "palmy", being "synergy" and everything.
    How often would you need that? Would it not be easier to add a dummy-entry with just a name to the contacts?

    About the "selected by default": Good idea! I'll add that.

    And, yeah, the "delete people" is the last thing on my ToDo list at the moment that I haven't gotten around to do yet :-)

    Thanks for the feedback! It's really nice to see that people like my app :-)
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    Also great thanks to everyone who rated the app!
    This is very valuable to get some exposure.
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    Good news, everyone!
    I now (finally) am the proud owner of a pre... I guess you can expect a boost in development from that ;-)
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    Great app - I was about to submit a request for something exactly like this after seeing how many useless tip calculators there were in the homebrew catalog. Why have a separate tip calculator when all you need is a normal calculator, and how useless is this for Europeans (where tips are usually included)?

    Fun note to the (Swiss?) author: When you go out on a date (or even in a group) and each person pays their own way, it's called "going Dutch".
    Pixi Plus - Pre Plus - Pre 2 - Pre 3 - Touchpad 1 ;-)
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    Has the 1.3.1 update broken the app? I used it in October and it worked well for me. I tried to set up a new project today and it will not save the contacts I am trying to save for this trip.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I just tried and I'm seeing the same issues. When you select contacts they appear for a second and then disappear. From what I understand, some things with the contacts changed with 1.3.1 and it seems to have bitten STC. Right before I was about to use it for a trip too (of course)!
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    Ooooops! I thought I had tested it enough, but only with the emu - but frankly I can't say what could be the cause. Unfortunately, I can look into it tomorrow the earliest.
    Thank you guys for reporting the issue!

    Edit: It really does seem to be an issue in connection with 1.3.1, as it still works for me...
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    OpenTrackRacer, concerning your upcoming trip: If you plan to use it starting from saturday morning, maybe i'll already have fixed it, because of the time difference :-)
    Best just check it then!
    And: Have fun ;-)
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    Most probably, the issue has been fixed - but I could not get any verification. Please verify and tell me the result :-)

    Edit: Jup, works now. Thanks for reporting. And sorry for not having updated the precentral-database with the correct version :-/
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    Just went on a trip with two friends and this app is awesome! Where can I find donate info (or is this app in the paid catalog soon?)

    Also - one suggestion. It would be great if we could add the dates to the items in the "email balance sheet".

    Thanks so much for the great work!
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    derook, thanks for your positive feedback!
    I did not include the dates in the balance sheets for the sake of clarity, but I guess I could make it an option. There are some additions to make, anyway - by now I finally have a real use for the app, too, so I'm seeing more things myself ;-)

    About the app store: After waiting an eternity for some reaction, and then seeing how palm is handling the european market (and "other" markets - I still have no app catalog at all, since 1.3.1), I withdrew my submission and decided to keep this tool free.
    And about the donation.... You are already doing me a favor by using STC :-)
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    I wanted to buy Classic just to install Holiday Debts for PalmOS, but then I found this awesome app! :-)
    There are some features I miss from HDebts and I'd be glad to find on STC:
    1) Currency management (I often travel abroad and I need to keep track of payments made with different currencies)
    2) Filters for the payments list (show only payments made by 1 person, show only payments of type XYZ, show only payments made in Euros, etc)

    Keep up the good work!
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    Hehe, I wasn't even aware of Holiday Debts! Nice tip, thanks - I'll have a look at it for "inspiration" ;-)
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    I did download the update before our trip and it works great! We entered almost everything as we went and it made for a much easier time totaling everything up.

    Thanks again for the great work!
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    My apologies - I thought i replied to this a while back? Thanks again for the great work and the generous development.

    Regarding the app submission, I would still encourage you to try and get this out there. It's a great app and I'm sure others would find it so!

    It's one of those useful apps which makes me love this phone. And I would ttly pay for it.
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    Rnatau, first off, I love the app. Me and my girlfriend are using it to share the apartment costs and other random stuff that we buy. Makes it really really handy.

    However, we both have Pre's and there is no way for us to sync the data back and fourth, so one person has to manage the whole thing and txt each other what to put into the app. Is there any chance to see an online option to sync an "account" across any device that logs into that account?

    Thanks again for the awesome app!
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    derook, thanks for the encouragement... I guess I'll submit it again sometime.

    kev, that's a feature i would miss myself :-)
    however, it would imply a load of stuff:
    a) rewrite much of the app
    b) develop a serverside app, which would have to adhere to much higher standards in terms of quality and security
    c) maintain the server and serverside app, including backups and everything
    I just don't have the time and motivation for this :-/

    Maybe a device-to-device-sync would be an option, if I knew how to do this... maybe over bluetooth. but then again, that would not be as comfortable.
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    I've used STC for two trips now and it really works great. I didn't the the ability to manually enter a share for one person would be useful for me but I just used it for two entries and it's a lifesaver.

    However, I did discover something that would be useful. Fortunately, I think it's likely a simple matter so... it would be very useful if you could mark a project as complete or settled on the main page. That way you could keep the records and still know that no one continues to owe money. Even better would be to make an option for that in the project for each person with a negative balance (and marking the project as closed when everyone is checked off).

    Thanks again for the great application!
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    Is there a reason this application no longer shows up in Preware? I finally got my Pre and I want to install ShareTheCosts on a real phone instead of the emulator, but I don't see it in the homebrew apps. I was able to dig it up in webOS Quick Install from the PreCentral app feed, but when I installed it nothing seemed to happen (it didn't show up on the Pre). I'm using a Pre Plus, if that makes a difference, though I don't see why it should since both Sprint and Verizon Pres are running Any hints?
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