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    That would be great! Two columns, correct. You can use basic HTML, so you can use <br /> for a single line break. You can also do <div> and <span> with style attributes.
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    Spdsktr, this app is great! I got it and already started making my flash cards for school. I love an app that has a practical porpose.

    I look forward to future updates, but as very happy with the product already.

    Good Job seeing a need and adressing it.
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    This app looks great so far!

    One addition to the wish list--the ability to edit cards after you create them.
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    can someone do cards for hiragana and katakana alphabet please.
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    This is a great app. I cannot wait for update to fix bug.
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    I really need to relearn my state capitals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trieuro View Post
    This is a great app. I cannot wait for update to fix bug.
    Bug? Can you elaborate so it can be fixed?
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    I love it!

    I was actually in the process of making a note card app for personal use, but yours is much better! I only have 3 suggestions:

    1) the ability to do 'back first' so you are presented with the answer, and must come up with the question.

    2) when viewing the cards, perhaps change the background? seeing a small index card layered on top of a bigger index card is slightly strange looking (really, not a big deal at all though)

    3) when moving to the next card, perhaps a quick 'swipe' type animation?
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    whoops.. double post.. sorry
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    1.) That's on my list and one of my first ideas. It will be a setting you can change.

    2.) I need ot get my best friend (who is a graphics guy) over to help me out there. A programmer doing graphics? HA! But the animation came out REALLY good I must admit.

    3.) Ohh yea, swipes. Another first idea. Only been doing Pre programming for 3 weeks and need to figure this one out. I can do vertical, but horizontal? Hmm. I'll nail it soon.
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    wow, thanks for taking what I said into consideration. I really cant wait for this app to mature a bit. I use flashcards ALL the time to study for class, and I'm sick of carrying bundles of index cards around with me everywhere, lol.

    oh, and I just noticed, unless i'm missing something, there is no way to edit a card?
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    ok so these are the Japanese "alphabet" hiragana and katakana... can you make cards so that the symbol is the front and the letters are on the back and visa versa?
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    Here's a feature request:

    For learning Mandarin Chinese, I'd love to have 3-way flash cards, because each word or term needs three items: the Chinese character(s), the PinYin transliteration (i.e. how the word sounds, which is not obvious from the Chinese character) and the English translation.

    Also, it would be great to be able to choose which of the three items is displayed as the query.

    Finally, to have some controls for spaced repetition would be fabulous!
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    This is a great and practical app, I have a Psychology test tomorrow and this will totally help me remember all the vocabulary terms. Kudos!
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    Thank you to every one for your suggestions. I do intend to address each of them.

    But, I do have the online tools ready for testing!

    Flash Cards

    The application needs to be updated so that you can access content from here on your phone. I need to clean up a few things in the application code, but will have it ready Monday afternoon/evening (pending approval of the moderators).

    Once the updated app is launched, you WILL be able to access any content you create online from your phone. The application itself will let you know when this updated version is available for download from Filecoaster and Preware.

    This site will also serve as the home for the application itself.

    If you have any problems with the Online Tools, please let me know.
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    Great app.
    +1 for edit existing card
    +1 for looking at specific card
    +1 for omitting learned cards

    Also, how do I get the update? All paths are leading me to 0.1.0

    Really great app so far!
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    I just submitted the updated version. It needs moderator approval and should be available shortly. Thank you for your comments. Those are next now that I have the Online Tools complete. Just give me 2 days! I already added the database support for them in this database, so no issues there.
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    I would love to see this app be compatible with
    Any chance of that happening?
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedygodzilla View Post
    I would love to see this app be compatible with
    Any chance of that happening?
    Yes. I am currently looking into them and Quizlet actually has an API for searching, but no ability to search or store on a private account. But an export that can be used for both will be forthcoming for the Online Tools.
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    Hi, I love your app so far, it's exactly what I was looking for! I've got a bit of a problem though. As fate (and poor scheduling) would have it, I have three tests back to back on monday, so I'm working my *** off trying to study for them. French, the class I'm most worried about, leads itself perfectly to your app, and I've been working on creating .csv files for my vocabulary lists, with accents correctly placed in excel and google docs. The problem however arises when I try to upload to the online tools, the accents get all screwed up. It goes from being biento to being biento, and from a va to " ‚‡ a va". I can post my .csv file but I'd really like to figure out how to get accents working right. Can you help me out?
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