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    Neat. This could make for a fun activity at conventions (science fiction, anime, whatever). Share your key and try to track each other down... if you get a good enough signal in the function space.

    Wouldn't work too well at LosCon, for example... hardly even any cell signal in the main area.

    Anyway, thanks!
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    also quick questions. what happens when people use the same key?
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    it says to wait 10 minutes for the initital key setting....does it take that long?

    My phone cannot be located for some reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mu7efcer View Post
    1. Enable toggling the system on & off via SMS message
    2. Enable a optional password to both turn the service on and turn it off
    I agree. These would be nice additions to the app for future consideration. Nice job geiger - thanks!!
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    Consider allowing the option of this app merged with the Twitter tracking hack.

    If your user has a twitter account they want to use, you twitter a url with the gps coords embedded. This way you have no need to store the tracked coords and no unnecessary, unmonetized traffic to your site, but when we click your url on our twitter feed to see the location, it drives traffic to your site where you pop up en embedded google map with the banner ads you need to generate cash.
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    Can't wait to try this out...
    How bout an option for those of us with our own web-servers? That could also take the load off your own server.
    Avatar on Left Patch
    Call Rejecter Patch
    Make your messanger look like the iphone's
    SMS tone per Contact
    No Alert During call

    Thanks are always appreciated or for a really big Thanks you can always:
    (it can go a long way to convince my fiancee that this is worth my time)

    Please feel free to PM for more direct assistance.
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    My location was also off by a few miles initially. Then I refreshed and it was dead on. wierd but great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geiger View Post
    I too was hesitant about the name, but my immature sense of amusement got the better of me. We can change this down the road if need be.
    The following (warning, some cheesy ones!) seem to be available:

    There are probably a bunch more that are memorable out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elryon View Post
    Can't wait to try this out...
    How bout an option for those of us with our own web-servers? That could also take the load off your own server.
    +1 for that! I assume you're doing a form post to submit the data? If we could supply our own URL then we could script up our own features and uses for this too, and eliminate traffic from your server.

    Also, if you allow us to change the URL, perhaps you could then let us change the update interval also (only if we're not using your server)?

    Thanks for the cool App!
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    How's he going to sell ad that way?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elryon View Post
    Can't wait to try this out...
    How bout an option for those of us with our own web-servers? That could also take the load off your own server.
    Go look for Longitude here in the homebrew apps section for something to use on your own web server.
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    SUGGESTION: anyway to change the title of this program and website?

    stalker sounds so stalkerish...(pun intended)

    just my opinion
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    The entire makeup of the app is fantastic. Right now i'm still not being able to track my phone though; I'm still getting the whole "That is not a valid key..." message. I still give you the "AAA" (Absolute Awesome App).

    Quick question:
    Do I have to stand outside or have the app card open for the first initial 10 minutes ? its going on about 45minutes now that I have had the card closed.
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    This is so awesome! Thanks for making this app. I wonder if people will start posting their locations for their facebook friends to see...
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    This is a cool idea.

    I like the thought of making the first 10 data points be stored for free and more for a fee.

    Like others I am really concerned about the name. At some point someone's spouse will find the app with this name on their spouses phone and think they are being stalked. You would never be able to explain a program with this name to the police. If you are trapped with this domain name, at least change it to Anything but stalker.

    You have a thousand people using it now. Someone will get in trouble for the name before the weekend is over.

    When you remove the app, does it also remove the background service?

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by shortbri View Post
    Sure would like to see this integrate into APRS for Amateur radio operators...

    You could have a Key equal to their callsign, and their APRS validation Key in the App, and then the data could be sent up to the APRS-IS servers.

    Let me know if you think you might be able to implement something like that.

    Brian Short, KC0BS
    Now that is a great suggestion. Would be very exciting to see this type of functionality included.
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    Nice Job!! Sitting here at my desk, at home, pouring rain outside. It shows an exact location. I was at work earlier, and while I had full bars, and no wifi, it pinned me about a block up the road (by a cell tower).

    Still, I love it. Now my wife doesn't have to call me to ask if I left work, she can just check the page.
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    I think until we have Google Latitude, this sounds great. I'm going to try it now. Thanks, Geiger!
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    Love it,

    It would be nice to have this application not shown in the launcher and accessed with a code like the DeveloperMode application (UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A START) Something similar, that way if phone is lost/stolen they can’t even see it or turn it off.
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    I agree, a way to hide the app icon would be great.
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