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    Feeds is a RSS Reader.
    Feeds can integrate with an existing Google Reader account and allow you to read and will mark articles you load as read.

    Feeds will soon allow for standalone RSS/Atom feeds.
    Feeds will soon allow you to mark articles as Unread.
    Feeds will soon allow you to view all unread in one listing.

    Please keep up to date on all versions and report any bugs.

    First Update:
    Added folder support.
    Fixed bug where content would not show up.
    Added All Items feed.
    Fixed not being able to login.

    Second Update:
    Additional fixes for feeds not loading.
    Added quick previous/next article links.
    Added link to full post (on PodCasts will load up the actual podcast).
    Added Feed Title below Article Title on All Items feeds.

    Third Update (9/27/09):
    Added landscape mode.
    Mark All As Read
    Swipe to delete a Feed.
    Bug Fixes.
    Click and HOLD an image to view full image.

    Forth Update (10/07/09):
    Added Anchor click fix
    Added toggle for all or only unread items.

    Fifth Update (10/08/09):
    Fixed Load More button
    On Refresh of Unread items, removes read items
    Added All Items list to folders
    Added preferences to put how many articles to pull at a time.

    Sixth update (10/09/09):
    Fixed a memory leak.
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    Looks great
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    i can't wait!
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    great app
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    Been waiting for an app like this Thank you!
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    thanks, been waiting for this
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    GREAT .1 release! I'm giddy for this app.

    If you don't already (I'm sure you do), can you please put subscription folder support on your roadmap?
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    I've been waiting for something like this! Thanks for creating it! A few things:

    1. Seems to be loading the feeds but there isn't anything "loading" icon on the main page. Had to wait about 20 seconds before it started to populate the feed numbers.
    2. Any way to integrate Twitter and/or Facebook so we can post out or "share" articles?
    3. The app seems to be recognizing the feeds but not where they belong to in your customized folders. So for example, if I have Gizmodo and Precentral in my "Tech" folder and CNN and MSNBC in my "news" folder, it'll disregard it and lump them all on one list. Any way to get the app to recognize folders?

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    Is this simply a front-end to Google Reader? Or does it (will it) sync for offline reading? The "airplane" icon leads me to believe that this will download my feeds (on some scheduled basis) to my Pre, allowing me to read where there is no data (e.g., on an airplane). And then, when I turn data back on, it'll sync what I read back to Google.

    Is that right?
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    Thanks for working on this.

    Any plans to have a sort of aggregate view where I can see all my latest feeds like in google reader. I have 100+ feeds and it's impractical to visit every folder.

    Also I don't see a link to go to the original page. Many of these posts are just blurbs and I need a way to get to the original page to read the whole posting

    Thanks again
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    Looks good. Is it an offline reader as well? I miss having an offline reader when on a flight. If so, I'd suggest placing the data on /media/internal to save space in linux filesystems.
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    Looks like a good start.

    Some feeds are showing every posting instead of just the unread ones. One example is BikeSnobNYC.

    I'd like to browse feeds via folders like others have mentioned. I'd also like to see an aggregate view for a particular folder.

    Open original either inline (like Better GReader extension for Firefox) or in the browser would be good too.
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    I love that there is an RSS reader finally. I thought that this phone is so tied into google that this would have been one of the very first apps.

    Things I see so far that could be improved:
    1. The titles on the first page goes in front of the title bar when scrolling.
    2. Hide read threads (I know that this one has been said earlier
    3. Some feeds show the title of the story but shows nothing once clicked on (many of these have images)

    Again, this is a great program to have. I am a little spoiled by using the web version of google reader and would love to see the same functionality in this app.

    Keep up the good work.
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    Love the App, been waiting on an RSS type app.

    Couple things I have noticed and/or issues I have.

    1. At first nothing populated when clicking on a post to read...tried several times. However, it now seems to be working?
    2. Have noticed on some sites like, it isn't always displaying the most recent post.

    Thanks again for a program I'm sure many have been waiting for!
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    I updated the first post with some more information about shortcuts and upcoming features that people (you guys) have requested.

    Long term features are not listed, but the ones I will work on immediately are.
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    I noticed that when trying to scroll down to read the article if I press the image in any way, it opens a card and goes to the website. Makes it difficult to read when an image takes up most of the screen. Don't want to have to keep closing cards.
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    Great App...

    It would be nice to allow the user to make the text much smaller.
  18. jxc
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    Does the app developer see people's username and pw or does that information go straight to google ONLY?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JXC View Post
    Does the app developer see people's username and pw or does that information go straight to google ONLY?
    That worried me a bit, I would prefer he use OAUTH, if it is offered. Even though we know we can trust deliciousmorsel, it's probably not a good idea to train users to put their username/password in like that, if there is an alternative. That being said, I did a quick once-over of the code and it looks very trustworthy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by osc006 View Post
    Great App...

    It would be nice to allow the user to make the text much smaller.
    I second this. I noticed that a lot of homebrew and app store apps have HUGE fonts. Not sure why this is. Apps such as Spaz allows you to choose the size of the fonts
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