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    Topple Ball v0.3.1 (BETA)

    The full version of the game is now on the App Catalog.Here is a demo video I've put together on the full version:

    Topple Ball Mini (free version) is now on the App Catalog. Please note this version contains 10 levels and uses a different appID. I am currently working on the full versio of Topple Ball which will contain 200 levels.

    - An accelerometer based game for the webOS. Hold your device level and tilt it to roll the ball on the screen. Land the ball into the green target area to advance to the next level. This software is currently in BETA and there are currently 25 levels.

    - New obstacles, 5 extra levels, different backgrounds, Pixi compatible. Details on this latest patch: POST 180

    09/30/2009 - Uploaded version v0.3.1 (BETA). Added new obstacles, 5 extra levels, different backgrounds, and made game Pixi compatible. There were also several other bug fixes and little things. More info here: POST 180

    09/30/2009 - Uploaded version v0.2.6 (BETA). Added sounds, pause/unpause, game walls, and changed graphics. More info here: POST 145

    09/23/2009 - Uploaded version v0.2.1 (BETA). Fixed small bug where framerate changes didn't save. Fixed spelling errors.

    09/21/2009 - Uploaded version v0.2.0 (BETA). Added high scores, accelerometer calibration, a menu to modify game mechanics, and save/continue. Also added bumpers and re-did 20 levels. More info here: POST 97

    09/15/2009 - Uploaded initial version v0.1.0 (BETA) to the App Catalog.

    Hi All. This is my first time programming on a phone, and javascript for that matter. I started this app when the SDK first came out. I lost interest for a few months, but decided to pick it back up since I don't see a lot of homebrew games using the accelerometer. Please give it a download and give me feedback on how I can make this game better.

    toppleball_2009-15-10_233302.jpg toppleball_2009-15-10_231139.jpg toppleball_2009-15-10_232715.jpg toppleball_2009-15-10_233041.jpg
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    How well does this work considering the accelerometer is only 4 readings/second?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrJspeed View Post
    Please give it a download and give me feedback on how I can make this game better. Tell me if you think it has potential to be submitted to Palm.
    Where do we download it?

    I'm excited to try it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashen View Post
    Where do we download it?

    I'm excited to try it.
    It should be on the homebrew catalog as soon as it is approved by precentral's mods.

    @dcoaster: it's smoother than you'd think. The accelerometer only updates the acceleration force on the ball 4 times a second, but I can set the gameplay framerate to whatever I want. Currently it's running at 25fps.
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    I was always horrible at the labyrinth game when I was a kid....excited for this though.
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    Cool...Labyrinth!! Can't wait till its approved.
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    Was wondering how long before someone would put this type of game up...thought it would be the first...guess I was wrong

    good job
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    niiiice.. been waiting for a game like this.. thanks!
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    I just downloaded and played the first 9 levels! It's a simple game but the accelerometer seems to be responsive. I can't wait for some more advanced uses of this on web OS.
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    I've been eagerly waiting to see someone really put the accelerometer to good use. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. It seems very responsive. I like the game so far.

    I would recommend starting the ball a little further from the edge. I would also recommend moving the target around so we aren't always going towards the same direction.

    My thoughts/suggestions:
    1) I've seen other labrynth games throw in some blocks and things to tricky up the gameplay.
    2) I could see adding some moving obstacles and holes as a interesting challenge.
    3) Another thing that could be fun is having multiple targets you need to hit per level to get more gameplay per level. For added trickery number the multiple targets and have the player hit the targets in order, hit one out of order and your ball EXPLODES!
    4) Lastly, as levels advance add multiple balls so you have to coordinate getting 2 or more to the target.

    I think with some added complexity to the boards and another couple dozen levels that this game would be successful on the App catalog. You could then sell level packs for a couple bucks a piece.

    Those be my opinions. Fun game, thanks!
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    Yeah same here I just played it right now and the accelerometer is very respnsive...I only have 1 time that my phone froze for like have a second but then kept going but overall its nice...gr8 job
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    I was surprised and very pleased with how smooth the ball is and how responsive it is to tilts. Great job!
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    I just tried it out. Worked great, and was entertaining. Good job. I'm sure I'll play it again.. when I'm not at work that is!
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    I've just finished trying the game... made it to lvl 9 on my first try :-). I'm excited to see that some one's putting the technology to good use... good job.
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    very cool, i'm impressed.
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    It works well. Seems to be fairly responsive to movements. Ticked me off when I fell off the edge.

    If you don't submit this app, then someone else will beat you to it. Go for it!!!
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    Amazingly smooth! Great job! got to level 10 on my first try, but didn't pass it...will have to try again! can't wait for more levels!
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    I will say you have restored my faith in the Pre's accelerometer. This is the first application so far that gives me the feeling like it may be as good as the iPhone's.

    It was reported earlier that the Pre's accelerometer does not scan often enough to be useful for an application that required precision. Maybe this is not the case after all and this is a GOOD thing.

    Were you limited as well and worked around it by averaging etc.., or did you find a way to increase the actual readings?

    BTW I LOVE games like this and have been waiting for something like this to come along. I will buy this one for sure. Please make it all kinds of weird and wacky level wise... ii

    Maybe even create a random level generator so we could have almost unlimited play time.
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    Consider my faith in WebOS gaming possibilities increased a significant amount also thanks to this game. Great job so far. Can't wait to see what improvements you might have up your sleeve. It's perfect the way it is, just would like more levels.

    Sounds, haptic feedback, etc. would be nice, just aesthetic stuff.
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