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    I like the gameplay, very smooth! i only had 1 time when it "studdered" but that might not have been your code, it could have been something in the background? the only thing i would change is take away the falling off the edge? for people like me (whos hands shake! ) can be difficult. i would have to agree with the other people who said add different obsticals (you probobly had that in mind, but worth mentioning anyways) i kinda like the idea of moving objects too! sounds might be good (like when falls in a hole). keep up the good work!
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    This... is... awsome...

    Rather then having static level based, you could make it do randomly generated levels.

    Very nice, very smooth. I was surprised on the responsiveness. I didn't have a "COME ON! I WASNT EVEN NEAR THAT!" moment.
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    Kick-a$$ app!

    Nice way to expose the acceleromater

    Got My I rule status and waiting for more levels

    Only thing is were the balls starts you have to make sure to lean the pre toward the opposing corner or its SOOOO easy to fall of the ledge.
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    Yeah definatly has app catalog potential.
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    Great job!! Good suggestions from the forum (obstacles, more levels, scoring, etc.) - it's obvious you agree and plan to incorporate. Really responsive and you should absolutely submit to the App Catalog once finish developing.
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    FANTASTIC APP! I just started playing it so I don't really have any suggestions yet. Great work! I've been waiting for a game like this to come around!
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    everyone here has already stated just how I feel about this game. WONDERFUL!!!
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    Awesome game! Hopefully there will be more that take advantage of this.
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    Awesome job! Thank you.
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    Great App! lets keep um coming
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    Been waiting for something like this.

    Suggestions see similar game on WinMO 6.5 devices:
    Add Walls
    Small vibrate when ball hits walls (makes it very realistic)
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    Would also recommend starting the ball a little further from the edge, I fell off 3 times at the very beginning. learned to start with my phone slightly tilted to avoid this, but a further starter point would help, particularly for the younger crowd when I loan my phone to my son in a doctors office while we wait to be seen.

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    on a flat table my ball rolls to the bottom left right off the bat.. might be something wrong with my phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by danno1769 View Post
    on a flat table my ball rolls to the bottom left right off the bat.. might be something wrong with my phone?
    could be, there should be a calibration offset for the game for phones like this.
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    A lot smoother than I expected.
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    Excellent work! One of the top games for the pre with lots of potential! Very smooth overall, a level editor would be a great feature making it a multiplayer game by letting someone design a level and then letting their friends try it. I know that is one of my fav features in super hangman. Keep up the good work!
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    Neat little app! I was surprised by how responsive it was to changes in position, as I have heard the accelerometer has a sample rate of only 4 hertz. Is the 4 hertz the fastest it can physically sample, or is that an arbitrary limit of the underlying Linux that can be changed to support faster sampling rates?

    Anyways, great beta, overall it ran very smoothly with only an occasional stutter. Keep up the good work!
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    Great app bravo!!!! The pre is finally being put to some good use!!

    Thanks for app
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    hmm...mine doesnt work...the ball doesnt move...just sits in the corner...could this be an accelerometer problem? its worked in the past....
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    ya its still working for web and one else has this problem?
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