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    This is fun!

    The animation is much smoother than I expected. The sensitivity is beeter than I thought you could get from 4 samples a second.

    Could it have walls like labyrinth?

    - Craig
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    Great animation. Very smooth.

    Maybe add a timer to add some stress, especially on the earlier levels
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    Outstanding! A clean, handsome presentation. Excellent mechanics, which restore my faith in the Pre's accelleratometer. A great time-killer. Can't wait for more levels.
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    Excellent game A+.... Playing this game made me think of a bowling lane. It would be cool if someone made a bowling game where you can set the power of the shot and use the accelerometer to hook the ball as it rolls down the lane. Just some food for thought lol.
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    i love diz game. can be a lil challenging, but this is still beta. more games lik diz, fightin games, n a game lik GTA n i would b gud!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.president09 View Post
    i love diz game. can be a lil challenging, but this is still beta. more games lik diz, fightin games, n a game lik GTA n i would b gud!!!
    I must be getting old, this is like a completely foreign language to me...
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    Great game!
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    I'm very pleased to see such positive responses for this app. Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions, please keep them coming.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
    It was reported earlier that the Pre's accelerometer does not scan often enough to be useful for an application that required precision. Maybe this is not the case after all and this is a GOOD thing.

    Were you limited as well and worked around it ir did you find a way to increase the readings?
    The accelerometer currently does only scan at 4hz. Depending on the application this may or may not be a problem. Its not bothering me because I only use it to update the acceleration force. I don't use it to directly change the position of the ball. You can think of it as me deriving the position of the ball from the accel, but instead of painting frame A and frame B, I paint as many intermediate frames inbetween as I see fit.
    On a side note, I noticed there is an accelerometer service on Preware that supposedly increases it from 4hz. I haven't tried this yet, but the game should perform the same - only be more accurate.

    Quote Originally Posted by maxima2k53 View Post
    Yeah same here I just played it right now and the accelerometer is very respnsive...I only have 1 time that my phone froze for like have a second but then kept going but overall its nice...gr8 job
    I noticed this too when I play, but haven't been able to pin it down on anything in my code. My guess it is the OS grabbing up some CPU and causing my game to stutter. Either that or garbage collection of some sort. At first this would case the ball to continue at it's present velocity and when you next saw it, it would likely be in a hole or off the edge :P. I didn't want that to happen on this BETA so I made it to where if the game lost more than 3 frames, it would pause and resume once caught up.

    Quote Originally Posted by nyquistJack View Post
    My thoughts/suggestions:
    1) I've seen other labrynth games throw in some blocks and things to tricky up the gameplay.
    2) I could see adding some moving obstacles and holes as a interesting challenge.
    3) Another thing that could be fun is having multiple targets you need to hit per level to get more gameplay per level. For added trickery number the multiple targets and have the player hit the targets in order, hit one out of order and your ball EXPLODES!
    4) Lastly, as levels advance add multiple balls so you have to coordinate getting 2 or more to the target.
    Good suggestions. Moving obstacles had been in my mind for a while, I'm gonna have to sit down and figure out an efficient way to make this possible without impacting game performance. Static objects so far have been a blessing for efficient hit-detection.
    Blocks or "walls" would be an interesting thing to add, I don't see that beeing TOO much of a challenge.

    As of right now my next bit of focus might be to just get another 10 levels out for more content. I also was thinking of adding a settings/modding pane for this beta release so you guys can play with the environment variables. These include:
    accel force (i.e. gravity)
    drag (roughness of board)
    frame rate

    as well as a few other non-intuitive ones.

    I also was thinking about a level editor, either by entering x/y values as text, or a fancy GUI. I'll keep this thread updated on my direction.
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    Excellent game! I was waiting for someone to make a game like this using the accelerometer.
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    great game!

    Would like to see some type of scoring to keep track of high scores. Maybe something like you start of with 100pts each level and for every second you take to complete the level it takes a point away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuIsChillin View Post
    great game!

    Would like to see some type of scoring to keep track of high scores. Maybe something like you start of with 100pts each level and for every second you take to complete the level it takes a point away.
    Thanks for bringing that up, scorekeeping is on my todo list.
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    thsi game is flawless through the first 8 levels, thats as long as i played. super smooth and works just as well as the winmo teeter. Great job thanks for the app
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    Most Excellent work!! I love the effects you made when it falls into the slot!
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    Love it! It would be great to see some kind of scoring system added in and a bunch more levels and I agree moving obstacles would be very cool! Its much like the Incredible Maze for the Wii which is very addictive and annoying lol. Well done!
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    Finally, an app that shows the Pre's potential. A big thanks to the developer. This shows that there is great potential in using the accelerometer. There are big things in the Pre's near future.
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    Wow, much better than I expected.

    Any way to keep the phone from sleeping?
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    This game is awesome! I'm up to level 11 and I'm stuck
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    Congrats! Great app!!!! I like the surprise effect. the vibrate gave me a lil scare. and then having the green dot move to center on hard level caught me off guard...this game is def tricky but makes you addicted.

    lovin this! i thought accelerometer on pre was crap but this shows us its good.
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    Can you maybe make it bounce real fast off the walls instead of killing you?

    Having a limited number of lives is going to drive me nuts. I won't ever see the next levels once I die so will always have to start over. At the minimum can you allow us to start again on any of the last completed levels. This way I can be challenged but not be bored having to always start from the beginning. I get bored easily... ii
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    I played it twice, and I need to get used to it but here are a few suggestions:

    1-Make the ball start in its own hole or indent, and you have to tilt the device to move it out.

    2-Maybe show a bigger gap along the sides so its clear that there isnt a wall.

    3-When the ball reaches the green hole, maybe you can have it drop down to the next level with a nice animation (I may be asking too much, but its an idea). I think I saw it on some computer game.

    4-Utilize the accelerometer to allow you to jump over obstacles (a quick jerk upward), which will be awesome for my next idea...

    5-Make boards with significant portions missing...maybe even a ditch or something... which will require very fine motor control.

    Awesome game so far! Definitely a game you use to show off the Pre to friends!
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