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    Find it at Homebrew here: RIPTA Homebrew

    Update v0.0.6 12/31/2009

    RIPTA can now be found on the official App Catalog!

    Update v0.0.6 11/25/2009

    - Added Help page
    - Removed disclaimer from title screen (moved to help page)
    - Submitted to Palm App Catalog

    Update v0.0.5 10/17/2009

    - Fixed preferences bug
    - removed two of the three maps from maps view for optimization. They will be returned once the speed problem is resolved.
    - Coming Soon:
    v0.1.0: all 3 system maps working with no speed problems. And HOPEFULLY disclaimer removed from front page because of RIPTA support!


    Better News! 10/23/2009

    RIPTA now supports my app! Check out their homepage by clicking the link.

    Good News!

    I have contacted RIPTA, and pending stability and function of the app, they may end up officially supporting it! How cool is that?


    My first official release!

    It's a program that gives you a nice mobile interface to the RIPTA website schedule finder.

    It shows all the routes and their schedules, as well as their schedule maps.

    It also has a map of Kennedy Station, Downtown Providence (Detail), and Rhode Island System map.

    All of these are available from the website.

    Please let me know what you guys think!

    Any bugs and/or added functionality would be extremely helpful.

    Note: It is a little big because I chose to put the map files locally within the app instead of downloading them off the website and slowing it down. Let me know if it would be better to have it directly downloaded and I'll do that instead.

    I know it's a very specified project, and since most of you don't live in RI, it will be essentially useless to you guys, but I will be using the public transportation here a lot and felt a need for this program. I'm sure it will come in handy for anyone who DOES live in RI and needs public transportation...

    I'm releasing this under GPL v3. Please feel free to modify it and share it if you will. The only thing I ask is leave the email link on the bottom and please try to keep me updated on what changes/modifications you have made. I will give credit where due. Thanks.

    *edit*: It's been uploaded to HomeBrew! Let me know what you guys think...


    The home page lets you view the system maps, or the route schedules.

    System maps include: RI system map, downtown providence (detail), and Kennedy Plaza.

    All maps are zoomable, scrollable and such...

    The route schedules takes you to a listing of all the bus routes.

    The Preferences screen lets you pick whether you want the route schedules to launch directly as a map or as a time table. You can toggle either view once inside.

    When viewing the times table flick left or right to look at the times for the next or previous stop. The Stops listing on the top is also a drop down list of all the stops on the route. Scroll down to see timings for the stop on Weekdays, Saturdays, or Sundays/Holidays.

    - These instructions will eventually be integrated into the help section of the app -


    - (Fixed!)At first launch, the list of routes will show, but tapping them will do nothing. The user must go into preferences (from the app menu) and flip on the "Launch in Map View" option. Then the routes will launch in a map version of the route. The user can then tap on the option on the bottom that shows the table view and it will show the stop time schedules for each stop.
    *note* I am working on this, and this should be fixed in the next release (within a week)

    - (Temporarily Fixed): by removing two of the maps)Map view (of RI, Providence, and Kennedy Plaza) is VERY VERY slow. I assume its because of the large image file size and the fact that I don't load up a low-res version first. I am trying to fix this, but if anyone has any suggestions, they would be extremely helpful.
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    Sweet! I don't take the bus often at all, but it's nice to see a RI-er making apps for our great devices! I will install this right now, because you never know when I actually might need it!
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    Awesome thanks!

    Let me know if/when you use it... and see if it works or helps at all... haha.
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    ive taken the ripta bus once in my life, to get my drunk *** home from the st pattys parade in newport this year. but nice app. glad to see some fellow rhode islanders here. next you need to map an app for tent city locations lol
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    Hahahaha... >.<

    That would be a completely DIFFERENT themed app... >.>

    It could be linked to Craig'sList's Free section.
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    Very handy app for organizing things around public transportation in RI. Nice to see a Rhode Islander at work in Homebrew!
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    Thanks! Glad you like the idea! Let me know if there are any issues/suggestions regarding the program.

    Good News!

    I have contacted RIPTA, and pending stability and function of the app, they may end up officially supporting it! How cool would that be?
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    Update v0.0.6 12/31/2009

    RIPTA can now be found on the official App Catalog!

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