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    I think using an image of the 4th step instead of a table might work. I just scrolled up to the image I posted above and it fit perfectly into one screen of the Pre.
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    I love the BB program, and I have comments.

    The MA link has a typo, and goes to AA

    I would like the long form of the 12 Traditions from the back pages added.
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    Thanks for the feedback. The fix to the MA link will be in the next release.

    The long form of the Traditions probably falls under copyright like the other stuff we didn't add (there's a link on one of the messages above to another website that got a 'cease and desist' from AA for posting other copyrighted material).

    -- John K.
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    on the other hand, the SHORT form of the steps and traditions we can do.

    We probably ought to use the AA form of the steps, since everyone else's is a variation on that prototype.

    Do you think the steps and traditions should act as a CHAPTER or as a MENU CHOICE?
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    We will be posting an update with full text search tonight.

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    Done. Full text search version working.

    Please don't try to search for "the"

    If you choose to search for "drunk" it's your own damned fault what you get. :-)

    See first post for details.

    Rick B & John K
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    What about crackhead, junkie, rockmonster .... Oooo ... Ooooo.... Co-dependancy!!!!!!
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    You know the more I think about it, it's absolutely HP's doing that resulted in the 1st 164 being public domain.

    I mean why keep something that saves so many lives entitled to one individual or group even if it is the well-intentioned AAWS. They claim that keeping copyrights to the stories and the 12&12 and making money off their sales keeps them afloat but if they didn't make money and those were public domain as well do you think AAWS would cease existing. I think AA as a whole has saved too many lives for its individual members to allow that to happen. They are certainly well within their rights to make money off of their sales but lets not put sales before tradition 5.

    Having the 1st 164 public domain upholds and preserves that.
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    i would love to see the n.a. basic text any thoughts of doing that?
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    There are prolly copyright issues.
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    NA Basic Text
    Copyright 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 2008 by
    Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
    All rights reserved.

    You could write them and ask permission, but I suspect that the answer will be no.

    If it's yes, come back here and we'll help you get it done.

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    Dear Friends of Bill W:
    I am grateful for this app, but I do have an objection to this app being linked to "OA" in the apps.

    It seems to me that would be implied affiliation and is not in keeping with the Twelve Traditions. Overeaters Anonymous has their own recovery books. I am willing to acknowledge that OA is/was based on the AA 12 Steps of Recovery, but that does not mean that we are affiliated.

    Thank you for considering my comment.
    Don Alan
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    Short answer: No.

    Longer answer:

    Overeaters Anonymous, unlike NA, does --not-- have their own basic text. OA has their own version of the 12-and-12, but not a basic text. As a matter of fact, the single most common special focus OA meeting is a big-book-study.

    There is no implied affiliation. But the big book is in fact specified as the basic text of OA.

    Allow me to go further and state that Bill's story and "How it works" saved my life, and that of many others. At 330 pounds, with an a1c of 9.3, with my triglycerides out of control, and my eating utterly out of control, I was on target to kill myself with food in about 20 months.

    OA, and my Monday night big book study group literally saved my life. Don't think for a moment that alcoholics somehow have a "special relationship" with that book. It is not just the 12 steps that are used by permission.

    OA members will be eternally grateful to Bill W and Dr Bob for the gift of the program, grateful to GA for passing the steps through to Rosanne, and grateful to the thousands of open AA meetings that have allowed our addiction to sit in when there wasn't an OA meeting handy.

    What I probably SHOULD do is go add another 5 or 6 12 step programs which use Alcoholics Anonymous as their basic text to those links.

    I pass along this comment. One of us was standing outside a church were the weekly mens meeting had just concluded. Someone overheard the recovery conversation and came up and asked if we were friends of Bill W? One of the other men quickly answered: "No, we're friends of Bill W's fat sister."

    In recovery,

    Rick B
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    0.0.6 2009-09-25 now offers and, or and exact match full text searchs.
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    Version 1.0.0 is out. This app is now feature complete. Do not expect further development at this time from these developers.

    • Individual chapters with a page menu to allow you to quickly jump to a chapter and page.
    • Full text search of every word in the Big Book with "and", "or" and "exact phrase" searching.
    • Search lists all matches, and jumps to the one you select on a tap.
    • Search terms are highlighted for easy reference.

    The stories in the back of the third and fourth editions of Alcoholics Anonymous are copyright by the AA World Services Inc and by The AA Grapevine, Inc. AA has not given permission for the distribution of those stories in this form at this time. You can view then as a pdf at the AA web site: The Big Book Online: Personal Stories.

    Simple Big Book is based on Simple Bible developed by the Simple Bible team at

    Release 1.0.0 is considered feature complete by John K and Rick B. Future development is available to anyone who wishes to work on it, the app is release GPL3.

    We hope you find this effort to be of service.

    Rick B and John K
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    Quote Originally Posted by rboatright View Post
    Version 1.0.0 is out. This app is now feature complete.
    We hope you find this effort to be of service.

    Rick B and John K
    Rick & John,

    Thank you for your work on this! What a way to be of service to others. It's exciting (to me) that v1.0 was released on the 24th of September as that date (in 1991) became a very special day to me!

    Have a GreAAt Day,
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    I'm having trouble downloading it, I use PreLoad for my hombrew app manager, and it just hangs. I've succesfully loaded other stuff so it's not PreLoad. Repository problem maybe?
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    it worked for me earlier. It SHOULD work. I don't know. I can download it through the link on the app page...

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    Thanks all!
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