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    A credit card calculator UPDATED 9/23/09

    Get a handle on how much your credit card is really costing you with this credit card calculator.

    Enter your credit card's balance and interest rate. Then enter either how many months you'd like to pay it off in or how much money you can pay monthly. Press the calculate button and see your results. Or if you're really brave press the minimum payment button and find out how long it would take to pay off this credit card's balance and even scarier much you will have paid in interest.

    Debt Free Features
    • Easy interface to enter your credit card information.
    • Text fields default to numeric input so you don't have to keep pressing the symbol button.
    • Minimum payment and calculate buttons.
    • A pie chart to display the principal and interest you will be paying for the life of your card.
    • Tips on ways you can reduce you debt.

    Please feel free to report bugs, and suggest improvements. I value and appreciate all your input.

    Current verison: 1.0.3 (9/23/09)

    Creative Commons, No Derivatives

    Known Issues:
    • None

    Future Enhancements

    • Store credit card information for reference later.
    • Place a reminder in your calendar to pay your bill on time.
    • Payment adjustment card to enter late fees or changing interest rates.

    Update 1.03
    • New Minimum Payment Button.
    • Enhanced error checking.
    • Fixed not a number input error.
    • Corrected spelling

    Update 1.0.2
    • Fixed minimum payment error
    • Fixed interest calculation when last payment is more than remaining balance

    Special thanks to Rick Boatright, Pre101, and members of #webos irc for helping me debug and develop this application.

    Special thanks to Sinacism Graphics for designing the Debt Free icon.
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    Nice work! I like how detailed the info is after you hit calculate. Even with a pie chart, nice addition!
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    Thanks! I'm planning on expanding it further to give the user options to store credit card names/info and add the billing date to the calendar.
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    When will it be in the App Catalog? It's currently not listed.
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    Should be available now.
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    Very nicely done. Seem almost too simple, but the details and graph are presented very nicely and turn out to be quite useful. Thank you!

    I tried 1500, 30%, 50 and it worked. Bumped payment from 50 to 100 and it complained that my minimum payment was 30 something. Appears anything from min payment up to 99 works, but 100 and over does not work. I am sure you tried payments over 100, so must be something weird.

    I look forward to saving credit cards, that will be great.
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    Great catch! Thanks! I just fixed it. I'll have the revision up soon.
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    Is there a special format or order to enter the required fields?

    Even after I enter a balance it asks to enter a balance. This is the same for all fields.

    Got it to work for 2 digit balance and random combinations of entries.

    balance - $70
    interest - 16%
    monthly - $200

    $130 interest paid in 1 months.

    Also tried $700 as balance with the above interest and monthly but it was asking to enter a balance.
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    oops, misread, my comment is retracted
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    No order. But I never thought of making sure the user doesn't enter a monthly payment greater then the cards balance. I'll have to work that in. Thank you.

    $700, 16%, $200 will work with revision.
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    Fix is up. Please let me know if you come accross anything else.

    Thanks all!
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    Ohhh nice app, especially love the Pie chart addition. Nice Job!
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    thanks all!

    Hey Question: As this app has developed I keep hearing all sorts of "people don't know this"...hidden fees, required minimum balances, etc. Do you all have any advice you'd like to share in the tips section? (when possible please be specific, I will need to cite the source..CNN..MSN)

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    Hi g33kirl,

    The word is principal not principle
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    Love it! Looking forward to being able to save info in there... Not sure how this would be implemented, but it'd be really neat if there was a way to keep it updated--like to confirm that you made a payment of X and then it would readjust. Hmm.

    Anyway, as it is now, it's very useful. Hope it makes it into the official app catalog.
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    Thanks! I think it would be really neat if it updated information too. I'd love to integrate options that take into account late payments and other fees.
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    nice app. waiting for the improvements you spoke of. I really would like the ability to input my credit card info with payment due dates and have it sync to the pre calendar. that would keep me on track of the goal for months til out of debt.
    Thanks for your work.
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    Nice program, can not handle my 0% APR though. =[
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    A credit card calculator UPDATED 9/23/09

    See above description for new features and fixes.
    Maxine Hammett
    App: Debt Free

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