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    Just a quick note that I also meant to thank PrestonJames, but forgot to put it in the CHANGELOG, thanks!

    Try out version 0.0.3 for a bug-free solution checker.
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    I have no idea why this was double-posted
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKennedy View Post
    • A way to copy the previous guess to the next line would be cool. Then you can just edit one or two colors and submit.
    • Cycling through the colors is ok, but I'd prefer to have all the colors on the side or bottom and tap to select a color, tap the hole to place it.
    Try 0.0.3 and see if this works better for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by artitumis View Post
    Could you make a version or a pref screen for those of us that are color blind? Yeah, it sucks trying to play color based games when I don't have normal color vision.
    I've got a couple monochrome ball sets in there now, let me know if it works for you.
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    Fun game, I also like the fact that you have listened to the people in the forum and have updated this app frequently to add the suggestions, great game dave.
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    can't find it in the app catalog, there is just "MisterMind". just gives as dl url

    Ahh now i found it:


    Could you release it for every country? It's a game an it's very known also in other countries that don't speak english.
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    Ah, yes. It is time now to include that application for worldwide release. Back when that application was submitted, we couldn't distribute anywhere BUT the United States

    Thanks for the interest, I will respond here when I get a chance to do the update.
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    Okay, the update went through, but it doesn't show in the catalog just yet. It should be in there after the next update...tomorrow at the latest!

    Thanks again!
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