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    Tea Timer is now live in the app catalog. Thank you for your patience!

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    It cannot be found in the app catalog for Germany yet, so I would still like to see an alternate download opportunity.
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    I second that.
    Or, even better, register it for the european App catalog!
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    Thanks for the Tea Timer app. It's a great tool. It can also be used a general countdown timer (for a short period )

    I am glad v1.0.0 includes a database of teas from popular online retailers. I guess amount and water volume are not included since everyone has a different size teapot. At least I can add that information.

    I generally drink Japanese green tea (Sencha). has higher-end Sencha. Is there any chance you might include them in a update?

    WebOS Doctor doesn't delete everything like it used too. When running it, it looks at the installed apps then automatically re-installs them upon bootup. If I use WebOS Doctor, what will happen to my personalized database? Will it be deleted? Does it get backed up? If I use the backup feature of the phone, does my personalized list get backed up?
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    Where did you go TeaTimer?

    I just replaced my phone due to a cracked screen & restored all of my apps. But there is no sign of TeaTimer?

    I hope everything is OK.
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    I just reposted TeaTimer to the homebrew catalog. Find it there...
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    Is this the same as the paid version?
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