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    Seems that your development version isn't very supportive of users that have commented in the past.

    I have sent comments several times and you have responded well. With the latest version, I get one try, limited to no functions and no ability to try out your new versions. If you really want help, you should let us use the versions and comment - not just make it a dysfunctional trial.

    Prior to this, some comments for you to further work on as it may be my last, based on your current management style -

    The graphs were nice, but did not always work. The scale also did not allow for much variation.

    The lap time would be useful to have a subtraction from the previous lap-time so that you get a true lap time and not just a pause time.

    I like the mile reminder, but it may help out that it vibrates the number of times per mile.

    A kilometer distance with the mile distance would be helpful, especially since many races are 5K, 10K etc.

    Good luck on your programming. Off to look at other health/fitness programs. Guess it may be time to write my own.
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    I think the issue is that your trial has expired or I have a bug in my code. I think there may be a bug in the code. As to where it will not let you into the scene since it thinks you are expired. But if you pm me with your email that you registered with I will also extend the trial period. I am wanting to make sure you guys get to test this as I am not trying to limit the use on this. You should have full use of the app until the expiration date, which is 28 days from the day your registered or first used the application.

    I am trying to fix the scale issue as I want to have a bigger variance on the Altitude my self. So I understand where you are coming from on this.

    Lap time/Splits:
    I have the underpinnings on that started and it will be added. I just have not gotten to it yet. As it will be helpful to use.

    Mile Reminder:
    Well I have tried doing exactly what you said and it did not make a difference, what I am doing now is looping 25 times. There API does not really give us a lot of functionality. I would like to have the let us be able to set the duration and strength of the vibration. Which I do hope the will do here soon.

    I am working on adding routes to the program where you can say put in details of the run, like distance, name, goal speed, goal pace. Which hopefully will be added soon.

    Also as this is more of a hobby of mine I do not get to spend the time I would like on it. I get may be 1-2 hours a night at best to work on it. So that is why sometime progress seems slow.

    I do appreciate everyones comments and hope this will answer some of your concerns.
    And you are free to email me at or they both go to the same account and my pre so I will answer them as fast as I can.

    here is a suggestion you can try with the app so that you get your functionality back.

    1. Open it up.
    If it gives you the trial period is up email me and I will re-set it for you.
    you will then need to log in 2 different times before it will give you access to the app. This is the bug that I am working on.
    2. Close app and then re-launch it. This should fix the problem of saying you have no access any more.

    Again I apologize for your hardships with this as I am trying to work through them.
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    Thanks for all of your work. I just sent you an email.

    As many of us are hobbyiest at this, just want to continue to help you make it better.

    Opening the app, stops at a screen that re-directs me to Palm - I don't even get an option of logging on. (I tried under the preferences screen, but couldn't advance any further into the program).

    One more bug on the altitude graphing - I just hiked Camelback in Phoenix (elevation up to 2600 ft). The GPS was limited, but it did capture the distance, but not the altitude. Not sure why it didn't capture. The distance was very accurate based on the trail posts.
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    11/16/2009 V 0.2.54

    Added GPX Data Extract and CSV
    Changed Pause Button to show Resume.

    Fixed issues with first Log in screen with the trial showing it was expired.

    Note The GPX Data takes a lot of space so I had to pair it down a little so it will not be as accurate. The more data points (further you go) the less I can put in. Hopefully once we get can write a file this will take care of this issue.

    Please let me know if you see any issues with it as I will submitting this version to palm in a day or two. After I get some more testing done.
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    I have tried the Workout Tracker in the past and there is really only 1 feature that bugs me and is the only reason I don't use it. Of course, maybe there is a solution and I just don't know it, so if there is one, please let me know.

    When I use the 'Stop Watch', there doesn't seem to be any way of knowing whether the GPS is working or not, until after hitting 'start.' It would be nice to know that the GPS is active and has found my location, before I start running.

    One of your competitors (FitTrack) does exactly that. It searches first, and then lets you know location is found. I like your work out features, which gives you an advantage over your competitors.

    For me, if there was some way for me to know my GPS location was found, before hitting 'start' then that would be enough for me to buy this app.

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    I will try and work on that.

    I have struggled with how I want to do this in a way to best suite the user. Most of the other stop watch with gps competitors won't start the stop watch until it is found with a good accuracy.

    The problem I see is if you are in a race and you hit start then the time won't be started until after the GPS is found.....

    On that note I can do a few different things to get it going as you get into the scene which I have done but will do a little more before hand to maybe help it out a tad.

    Thanks for the suggestions and keep an eye out for the updates.
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    I understand your dilemma. This past weekend, I ran a half-marathon and my GPS couldn't find my location, so the stopwatch feature wasn't working (on the other app I was using). Since it was a race, I knew the mileage, so the GPS feature wasn't important. When I am training, I like the ability to have the GPS on, so that I can run whatever routes I want to, and not have to try and pre-figure my route.

    I think a great feauture would be an option feature. Either, use GPS, and once location is found, then the user could 'start' the watch; or the second option being use the stop watch only, or at least start the stop watch regardless of whether the GPS has found the user's location (basically the way it is currently set).

    Basically, I will now have 2 separate apps, one that waits for the GPS to locate, the other just be a stop watch. If yours did both, that would be sweet.

    I hope I don't sound too picky. I do appreciate your taking comments into consideration.

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    I hid the GPS Off button but will put I can put it. Also I will see what I can do to get the signal as I enter the scene. It is a little tricky at times though....

    I am also going to put a little more error handling around the GPS Signal quality to make the user know what to do when it can not get a good signal.

    Hopefully I can get to it this week. I have been a little slow with the work on it this week as I am pretty tired when I get home.
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    11/22/2009 V 0.2.55

    Added New Edit Exercise Screen. Now You can actually edit your exercises.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ohallord View Post
    11/22/2009 V 0.2.55

    Added New Edit Exercise Screen. Now You can actually edit your exercises.
    Downloaded newest version, entered my info, entered the create workout screen, exited, and now I am locked out due to demo version being over. I have purchased the regular version too.
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    Version 0.2.56
    Added lists For all exercises (Cardio,StopWatch,Weights)
    Can now Edit/Delete Exercises
    GPX Email Data Now Works.
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    Version 0.2.57
    You can now Set up Custom Work Out Weight intervals.
    Also a Version Update screen is when you first log in. This will show what is new for this version.

    I am about ready to submit this version for Palm Review so Please Let me know if you see any thing funky.
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    I've been using this for some time now and really like it. I just discovered the ave speed calculation is wrong. If I take the distance divided by time, i get a different number. For my run this morning, the app said my ave was 3.5. My calculation gave me 5.5. How is the ave calculate and why it so off?

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    Are you using the version in the App Catalog? If so I fixed it on the Summary page, I may still have an issue in the current stats page.

    I will test it again and find out.

    Thanks for the info.
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    I believe it is the one from the app catalog. I've used different versions at different times (and use you Agenda too). It's version 0.3.60, if that helps.

    Edit: it does appear to just be on the summary page that it's wrong.
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    Thanks for the info. I thought I had it fixed in that version.

    I will look at it tonight and tell you how I am calculating it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ohallord View Post
    Thanks for the info. I thought I had it fixed in that version.

    I will look at it tonight and tell you how I am calculating it.
    Any update on this? Thank you.
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    I am hoping to have a test of this and a few other new features by Monday or Sunday night.

    I was not feeling good this week so when I got home from work I did not get a chance to look at it.

    But based on other things I will be make a big push to work on things this weekend.
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    Hey, thanks for the update. Looking forward to it.
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    Okay here is how the results screen calculates the average pace.
    AveragePace = (TotTimeInMinutes / TotalDistance);

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