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    I am working on the Ding. And will have that shortly. I am searching to find the one that you get with the email.

    Since I figured out the Graphing (I think) I will be adding more and more history on the phone it's self it should all be there. I am also keeping track of the actual route information so that I can do a lot more in depth study... So hold on for more changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galtish View Post
    I'm also on .2.18, but I'm not seeing that issue. Will have to test it on a run to make sure I'm getting a GPS lock though. Can't wait to see how the graphs look after a run!
    A little more info...If I have the GPS on the phone turned on, it acts as expected...if I have the GPS on the phone turned off (which I usually do until I need it, go conserve battery) it starts the stop watch instantly as I described in my earlier post.
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    Hmm.. That is cool. I will try that out.

    So you turn it on "Airplane Mode" Did this work before?

    But I will try it out by putting the phone in Airplane Mode and then see if the GPS will work.

    Then I will look at the logs to verify it.
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    ah, I see what you mean. If I use the GPS toggle app to turn my GPS off and go to the stop watch it does auto-start the timer and pops up with a message about GPS being off.
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    So you turn it on "Airplane Mode" Did this work before?

    No, I just turn off the GPS reciever with the GPS Toggle app or in the Locations Service preferences. I always leave it off until I need to use it. Sometimes I start up WorkoutTracker before I turn it on...This bug is new to the dev version.
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    re: The "ding", i'd suggest using one that isn't already used for email or other system notifications (avoid confusion). Would be nice for it to be something the user can choose as well.
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    Okay I will try the GPS switching on my way home. At lunch I had the phone in Airplane mode and the GPS worked in the Dev Version. So that is interesting.

    I changed when the GPS starts or "tracks" once the "Stop Watch" starts up it will now start the GPS tracking, it will then wait till you hit the "START" button before it actually tracks your location. This was to help speed up the distance calculations when you hit start. So if you are bringing up the Stop Watch Scene before you turn your GPS on then that is what is going on. So you will need to turn the GPS on before you go into the Stop Watch.

    Ding --> I will look at a different one. Or I may record my voice and say "New Mile" :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ohallord View Post
    Or I may record my voice and say "New Mile" :-)
    I vote for Rocky's trainers voice "you're gonna eat lightning and you're gonna crap thunder"
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    I don't have that deep and scruffy of a voice.
    But that would be good.
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    Tried the new version on the drive home, it showed good GPS coverage but some of the the stats were off (max speed = zero, chart showed speed never went over 15 mph), not sure if that's because I had "run" as they type selected and it knew I wasn't going 40 mph via sneakers? I really like the chart idea, could you make it so that a) it emails out with your stats as an inline image and b) viewable in the image viewer once clicked on so you can zoom in and see the detail a bit better?

    Again, nice work.
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    I am still working on the Max Speed. I saw the error today. On my way home it worked 2 out of the 4 times, then the Altitude work a little here and there. So I am still working on the bugs.

    I will work on the email thing as well.

    All of this now table drive so now I am just working on getting the queries correct.

    I hope to have a fixed version tonight.
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    Have you considered using the accelerometer to add a pedometer feature to track steps? That's something I know i'd love.
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    Quote Originally Posted by warriorguy View Post
    Have you considered using the accelerometer to add a pedometer feature to track steps? That's something I know i'd love.
    Yes I have I will have to work on it as well.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    I hope to have an update with consistantly working graphs and Max speed tonight or tomorrow morning. I have tested it this morning and the graphing worked great. So that is good.

    Now that I have graphing working and figured out I will be adding a lot more.
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    10/23/2009 V .0.2.20
    Changed Graphing Functions
    Added Auto Calorie Calculation in Cardio Screen.
    Worked on the Max Speed again I think I actually got it this time.

    When you use this version you will be prompted to enter you Preferences again.
    This is to add a password. This is so I can test my server side updates. Also it will be used for trial version verification. I have also cleaned up the Preferences screen as well.

    -- Audio Special Treat After every Mile..... ;-)

    After you have entered the Time and the Speed the Calories will be calculated for you.

    Report Any Issues.
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    First and foremost this app appears to have GREAT potential. Based on what I saw when it was first introduced I swore it would be one of the first apps I purchased once the store opened. I was desperately in need of an app that can track my workout (specifically strength training). I finally got around to testing the demo version and either I am missing something (which wouldn't be unusual) or it is lacking tremendously in it's practical approach for strength workout. Yeah it has a great database of possible exercise. But how do you keep track of your workout from day to day. From what I see it is not a useful offspring of the normal paper workout log. Basically cause, well, I don't see a log. Based on comments I am assuming it works well for cardio. unfortunately cardio is not my thing.
    If/when an actual log is developed I would be glad to purchase.

    BTW thanks for putting out a demo version, something EVERY developer should do.
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    I am working on more of a Log or graphs and other out put.

    I do have a data that you can email your self, in a coma separated email. Unfortunately I can not create a file right now, I would love to but palm has not given us developers a way of doing it.

    if you PM me with your email I will send you send you some suggestions on how to send you your exercises and store them. I even have a Access database that has a way to store the data in it. I am working on a lot of graphs and editing of workouts right now then I will be adding a website that you can do more tracking.

    Since this is a side project for me I have a hard time getting everything done in a timely manner keep watching for updates.
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    I hope to have another update tomorrow.

    This one will fix an issue with the sound after each mile.

    Also I will have added a graphing section in the "Check Progress" scene
    Also Will have Cardio workout progress.
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    Notes from latest version:

    The text that pops up when you pause a run says "your activity is not paused anymore" and when it is un-paused it says "your activity is currently paused" - this is backwards. Not sure why, but for the first time ever I ran out of device RAM by the time I finished my run and even after closing the other apps (FitTrack and NanPlayer, which I always run with along with Work Out Tracker) I couldn't email the results and had to close the app (didn't even try to send the route data). This is same run I've been doing for a while (3.3 miles) so I don't think it was creating too large of a file.

    Also, it would be nice if the altitude and speed graphs were better about setting the max of the graph closer to the max of the recorded values because you'd get better definition of the charted values. By this I mean that a chart of my jogging speed doesn't need to go up to 21 MPH, and I would be able to see the range of my speed a bit better on a chart that maxes out closer to my actually max speed. Ditto the altitude, the chart is almost meaningless even though my run should have about 131 feet of difference over the course of the run (based on the data from MapMyRun).

    Still, really loving this app. I can't wait until an upgrade makes it super easy to track my predefined workout. Is that coming soon? If not, can you please describe (walk us through) how one should enter workouts? How do we "complete" a part of an exercise? Do we enter the exercise stats and hit "next set" or "add exercise" or use the back gesture to log the exercise as complete?
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    Yea I noticed the Pause thing. I have that fixed. But need to get a few other things fixed in re-gards to the graphs before I post a new version. Also One of the changes I am working on is to not keep the route in memory. I have added it to a database so now I am going to calculate the route once you hit the stop button. So this should help out on the memory issue. Plus it will also calculate the distance after you run with the actual route. this should aid in the accuracy.

    As for the routines I hope to get started on that next week. I want to finish the stop watch and graphing before I start something new and get distracted by that and not finish what I have started already.

    So hang in there I am working on it. Just is taking me some time to get there, Thanks for all the encouragement I appreciate it.

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