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    Whipped up an app last night and submitted it to the gallery today. It's very simple (on purpose), but suggestions are definitely welcome! Check it out:

    The Oblique Strategies are a deck of cards, by BRIAN ENO/PETER SCHMIDT. The cards are used to help unblock your creativity, among other things.

    Tap or shake to draw a new card at random.

    I've had a version of this on just about every mobile device I've ever had, but hadn't seen one for yet webOS. So... here we go.

    Read more about the cards here:

    * The Oblique Strategies Web Site

    This webOS application uses data from a PHP web-based application:

    * minimal design downloads Oblique Strategies

    You can find the source code for this application here:

    * lmorchard's oblique-strategies-webos at master - GitHub
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    Love it, thanks for putting it together!
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    Nice, clean and straightforward. Thanks.

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