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    So I figured out now its called Zopp
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    Hey guys,

    how are the chances of getting this app ported for the Pixi? It looks really great, but alas I don't have a Pre. Feeling a bit like a second class Palm user
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    would it be possible to modify ZOPP to be able to be a telnet emulator (a mud client)? Because I really enjoy connecting to my muds (aardwolf, batmud) and I would like to be able to play on the go. (i can with the palm pre terminal from preware, but.. It lacks some features)

    thanks for making zork and zopp!
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    Thanks! Brings back a lot of memories!!!
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    I can't seem to find this program... Does it not show up when on WebOS 2?
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    someone have an ipk of this or can make one? No more beta feeds.

    can still link to app cat from first post I just realized.
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