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    Yea, up to now, and still, i've had to play these all without saving and loading so i know right where you are at. Which is why i'm still in beta and the full app isnt out. I'm still programming everything, and there is quite a bit left to do before i'm comfortable releasing the for pay version, namely saving/restoring your game, which i've still yet to completely figure out/plan. Not sure exactly what method i'll be using, but it will get there, i promise and who knows, after i get it made i'll likely include it in the lite version, but limit most other things.

    as of right now the listable differences between full and lite version of the app will be:
    Lite: 12 games to choose from, Full: a growing list of games to choose from, as well as the choice to load z5's stored on the device
    Lite: limited configuration, choose from a couple background images/colors and font colors, Full: customize background colors and choose from a growing list of background images

    So far that's all i can think of, but i can clarify on that last part, with the background images, you'll be able to really choose a visual theme for actual gameplay mode, so it could either be a solid color background behind text, or it could be a background image with an overlay image on top of the text that could simulate the look of an old fashioned mac 2 pc screen, or say a wrinkled scroll or ancient book or something funky like that.

    Oh yea, then i'll possibly add a feature for common commands, so rather than type north, south, east, west, up, down, examine, inventory, all that jazz, you could press sym and a circular button wheel could pop up and you could cycle through the different button versions of the commands, then tap on the one you want, then it would enter it for you illiminating the need to always type on the pre's small keyboard, though i have no problem typing as long as my battery isnt low and the keyboard is lit up :P

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    I made saving/loading work months ago for you in just an evening... what happened to that work?
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    i'm not sure, it wasn't working for me for some reason. Do you mind sending that to me again?

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    yeah it will be cool once you can save. These games take me back. Iplayed zork and hitchhikers on an atari 800xl my wife played them on a kpro whatever that is... Please get a save working, I don't have time to play w/o one plus I bet you could hook more people for your paid app with it... What about a mobile MUD client app?
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    I'm in the process of building the extensive help system which should act as a guide to players new to using zopp, as well as players new to the entire IF genre. I should have this guide complete in a day or so, then i'll be able to update the software again. I've been looking through the saving and restoring code, and it's probably going to take me a while to get it fully functional. Unless Jables wouldnt mind giving me a hand. lol

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    give him a hand jables, please. (and not just a round of applause) (like I really need 1 more thing to obsess on with this phone, ****ing off my wife...)
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    I've updated ZOPP in the beta feed, so check out the new stuff.

    My next step i think is to incorporate the theme system and preferences scene so you'll be able to customize the appearance of the game screen from font color, background color, and background image. I'm not sure how long that will take me to finish though. I've still got to figure out how much i'm going to allow in preferences. I'm thinking possibly font size as well. If you guys have any suggestions i'm all open.

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    I'd pay without hesitation once you get the save and restore functions working. I purchased and played Zork I on my C64. Then I purchased and played on my IBM Clone PC. Then I purched and played most of the games in a Infocom Treasury and finally bought the total Infocom collection. It stopped working with Windows XP service pack 2. So, why not purchase it again from a guy who brought it back to the Pre. That's awesome. Thanks!
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    Hey guys, finally with some help from jblebrun, i've got saving and loading implemented into ZOPP, and the app update should be up in the next couple hours. Enjoy making progress and not having to start over every time you relaunch the app!!

    also, since we are in beta, give me as much feedback as you can on saving/restoring and any other parts of the app you come across.

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    when I type restore I get failed. Save says ok... I'm very psyched though. I plan to donate or buy asap. Thanx
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    oh wow. Ok it said failed, but it did restore me actually! Cool!
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    yea I get that problem with zork I, but not the other two. I'll look into it. I know restoring is still a lil buggy but at least it's working.

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    here's a possible bug to fix... I cannot enter numbers. So I can't check footnotes in hitchhikers. I think it's possible there are places in some of these games where numbers need to be entered to progress. Besides that it is working great. Thanks again
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    ok I just tried it, you have to hold down orange while you type the numbers, it won't work if you just tap orange then press a number.

    Also something i just discovered myself, removing this app wont delete your saved games, so when you reinstall it, you can continue your games.

    Also, i'm going to be changing the saving method here shortly, to allow for more data to be saved, after a while the current method will fail when their becomes too much data. Now the way i'll be doing this will be rendering the old methods obsolete and incompatible, which means i'll have to create a failsafe that will load the old style if you have saved that way, then convert it to the new style so that you dont have to lose your saves after the move.
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    ok. I'll try that thanks. (another bug that's not really abug, so cool.)
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    Hey guys, sorry for lack of any software updates, i'm currently redesigning the game screen, scrolling will be smoother, the status bar at the top will be more readable, and the game will be completely full screen. I've decided to go that way with it so that i can get the most out of the screen as possible.

    I should have something to upload here in the next couple of days then i'll get this out of beta and into the normal feed.

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    It made my day seeing someone had started a z-machine interpreter for webOS! While I was a bit disappointed I couldn't load up my full Infocom collection yet (still have all of the original packaging here!), I understand it's early days.

    For those impatient to play your collection now, CliFrotz works quite well in Classic. I just had to disable landscape mode and reduce the text width a bit to fit the screen. The retro look actually works pretty well for these games.

    If you can bring that experience to webOS, that would just rock. If someone could supplement this with a simple "box-line-box" mapping program a la GUEmap, I'd be in Interactive Fiction Heaven.

    Good luck with the project! I'll definitely be watching this space.

    Time passes...
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    Hey guys, that's right i'm not dead! lol. I've been working on this, slowly but surely. And there is quite a bit that i have done, but still more to do before i'm comfortable releasing an update, which will take this out of beta. One of the biggest new features is the ability to customize the look of the app through themes, not just some weak change of colors, but something much nicer. I'll show you two of the themes you can use and you can use your imagination to fill these with text.

    As you can see, its gonna be pretty. And the pro version is gonna be amazing compared to this.

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    The parchment style looks just great! Love it.

    However: I have just installed the Zork via WebOS Quick Install and received the "Please wait while Parchment loads"-error. Has this already been dealt with or is something broken with my version?
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    You'll have to get the copy from the beta catalog feed. That one you've used is the old broken one.

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