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    Looks and functions great! I do have a couple of suggestions, and you might already have them planned, so just ignore them if so.

    1. Once a station is added to the Favorites list, can you make the "Add To Favorites" button disappear from that station's page?

    2. Is it possible to show the current song playing, or is that a limitation of WebOS/Shoutcast/etc.?

    Once again, great app! Thanks so much for taking the time to make it.
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    Hi, you may want use some opacity on the buttons on the main menu, it will give it a nicer look. also you need to repair the stop button, it shouldn't be an 'activity button'.

    looks like a great app.
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    I suspect there's going to be a lot of confusion between your app and kirsche's app.
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    Wow, now 3 shoutcast apps. What are the difference between them?
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    That's cool and I agree....but I think the app(s) should be named something else to avoid confusion. Just my 2 cents.
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    Have you guys thought about developing an app for Last.FM and/or Slackeradio? I'm just getting hook on them, I can't believe how much they shi* on Pandora as far as selection.
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    Hi. Love the shoutcast app but cant find it in either Filecoaster or Preware. Is the app published yet or do I have to use Web quick install? Thanks
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    Out of all the Shoutcast apps out there, this one looks closer to what I really want.

    Displaying the song currently playing would be great but I understand the difficulty.
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    Hey Vanadium! Great Job with your app. I see that it has come up to be a great app. It's good the see the developer community get together to create great and better apps for everyone!
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    I love it! Nice clean interface, and it works great!! Top stations AND favorites, woot!

    It does eat battery life and makes my Pre able to cook eggs on. Battery is dropping even while on Touchstone. Hope a more energy efficient version is available in the future (if that's possible).

    Great job!!!!!!
    Always pimpin'
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    net2streams, I have your app on my Pre as well. Very good stuff.
    Great! im using yours too.
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    Oooh my good Net2Stream your app is great but this is just insane, this app is awsome there are so many stations on here. Thank you so much Vanadium. One thing I may metion I would like to see is if I use the back gesture to select another station for the current station to continue playing till I select the next one.
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    Awesome app. Are you working on
    1) a link to the station's website? Many will have a playlist and update what song is currently playing.
    2) an easy way to get to a specific genre by typing the first few letters? It's a pretty long list. Or pin favorite genres to the top of the list?
    3) a way to change the order of my favorites? or have most frequently played stations float to the top (maybe already does, like recently played)?
    4) sorting or filtering out by bit rate?

    Thanks for providing something so useful. I love it.
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    Vanadium I just want to say thanks and this is by far and I mean by far the best streaming music player out for the pre. Its actually the best I have used for any phone. Now I'm asking myself if there is a app like this for my ipod touch.
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    The stations list shows the current song that station is playing. Can you please add a field on the station info page that tells you what song is currently playing? Thank you.
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    Is it possible for it to remember the last search, next time when I open my app, similar to how its on winamp player?
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    Any idea if there will be an update tonight.
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    Nice program, works well.
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    I am using this app at work right now (don't know why though, i have a desktop with winamp installed LOL) its great, and works in my car too. Only thing i have to say is I wish it would say what song is playing now (which you explained you are looking into)

    and Its really intensive to the hardware, i mean when i run this I cant be expected to run many other applications, any reason for this?
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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