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    Ian's (Daemon) suggestion was spot on -- I removed the station from my favorite's list, searched again and the stream works. Thanks for the help!
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    Thanks for all the effort and updates here!

    BTW, one of my 3 favorites I have saved is Groove Salad... been listening to that station for years. If you're familiar with BART here in the Bay Area, you would understand the "joke" behind the digitized announcement voice.
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    Vanadium, I like the way your handling your development. I can't wait to try this new version!
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    Great work on the app!! We use it everyday during the commute to work.

    I'm wondering if the upcoming paid version will have an option or preference setting added to remove the shake feature in your favourites as the vibration from the car tends to skip streams constantly! I have to use the recently played list to avoid this.

    Thanks again for the great app!!
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    9.4 worked fine. 9.90 is not playing sound, even after reboot.
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    never mind. My phone was stuck in headset mode.
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    vanadium, any chance of inputting custom (HTTPS) streams? I'd love to listen to my favorite stream, but it's a subscriber stream that needs HTTPS auth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    Definitely being looked into for a post-AC release. Can you PM me some more information (stream source or provider) and codec being used?

    Any information you can PM me will be helpful.
    Sure sending now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    The third is HTTPS support. This is something that'll happen after the App Catalog release as I need to create a new subsystem for storing these usernames and passwords in as secure a manner as possible.
    Awesome! You rock! Keep us posted on your progress!
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    Cool cool. I really like the streamlined re-design and the renaming of the app. Though, why Radio Hibiki?
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    Awesome. I recognized that Hibiki was a Japanese word, though thanks for the insight of how you're using it.
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    Well I will pipe in here and tell you that I appriciate your efforts. I listen to Shoutcast at home all the time and to have it on my Pre is just awesome.

    The only bump I encountered was when you added the shake it to play a random favourite. In my work vehicle it would constantly change stations so I had to use another app instead. Now that it is gone again I am back to your app and will buy it as soon as it is released and Palm decides to make the app store work for us Canadian users too.

    When you put the shake back in please make a way to shut it off. That is my one and only complaint. Everything else is great and keeps getting better.

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    Very nice update! I was able to stream music for half hour without any hiccups. I've never been able to do this with any shoutcast app. My commute includes driving from the city into the freeway and out to the country side for about 15 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    There will be a setting in future releases to turn it off entirely.
    Thanks. I am sure it is useful for someone, just not me.
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    Great app but there is a serious memory leak within it somewhere. I listen for 5 minutes and then I'm unable to open any other app. This includes but not limited to email, contacts, calendar, even phone! Keep in mind Radio Hibiki is the only app I have open at the time. I'll be happy to buy this once it hits the app catalog but I'll also be asking for a refund if I continually have to shut it down because "Too many cards".
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    The information I can provide is probably useless. Sometimes I can't open anything after 5 minutes, other times I can go for over an hour. This time I was listening and tried opening "Preware" when I got the error. I've been seeing others complaining on various boards about their Pre's doing the same thing. Their only recourse has been to restart the device.

    More information on this issue may be read here:
    "Too Many Cards Open, Please Close Some" Error Workaround (Temp Fix, maybe) - Palm Pre and Palm Pixi Forums

    I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my earlier post.
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    Are you on twitter? I can help you from there by RT you to those who follow me. Let me know.
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    Hey Van, love the app. I gave you props over on Everythingpre.

    I've been having problems with buffering. I drive over a bridge and lose the signal and it does not reconnect unless I stop it and hit play again. The last few days I've done this, another stream will start in conjunction with the returning stream and both will be playing on the same page.

    Could you please check it out? Thanks!! Can't wait to see it in the catalog!!
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    I have a question... where did the genre listing go? Is it temporarially out while you're working on including the complete genre list and having it searchable?

    I like the new "Hibiki" look... everything flows nicely. Admittedly, I did like the old name better, but the reasons for the change are pretty obvious, so, no complaints from me. Excellent work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    I've been on this issue for a good while now. The app should be telling you "Stream Disconnected" or "Stream Error" after about 20-30 seconds of playback interruption (or whenever webOS decides to get around to telling my app that it's disconnected).

    To help you understand how the audio system (and by extension, any well-written player) works: My app is basically listening directly to webOS' underlying Media system, triggering actions based upon what it's told. There's a specific set of events webOS throws depending on what it's encountering: Connections, loading, playback, disconnections, stream errors, etc--the player is already listening for all of those things from the underlying system and taking appropriate action. It's a matter of, you know, getting webOS to speak fast enough at times and I can't control that.

    So, you might want to wait for an error message to come up before trying to replay it, because webOS will attempt to resume play by itself if at all possible. When you attempt to restart playback yourself, you're initiating a secondary stream because webOS hasn't detected a true disconnection yet from the first (i.e., it's still alive). When a true disconnection occurs, you'll know it because it'll shut everything down in the player and kill the stream process.

    The way all of that is structured by the Audio system makes it difficult to prevent dual streams in certain circumstances; like I said, it's a total PITA. I'm hoping it improves considerably in future releases so I can close the gaps. I've also done some extra work in the player that isn't available in the "Lite" version here; when I get some time I'll try backporting some of the changes. Predictably, almost all of my time's been spent on the upcoming App Catalog version.
    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    I can say this, though: If Palm would create a bitstream event listener, not only would I be able to detect disconnections sooner (no bytes for X seconds? uh-oh, disconnect!), I'd also be able to implement the Station URL and Current Song.

    Don't worry, I've already mentioned it to them.
    Thank you so much for the feedback. I remember that you had mentioned something about the buffering in one of the older posts. On my drive home tonight I'll wait and see if it connects back and let you know tomorrow.
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