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    Is this app still available? I really would like this on my phone.
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    So where is the public version.
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    According to the Homebrew download page it was last updated on September 1.

    I think this would be a great "upgrade" to the default homescreen of the Pre. I feel like a kid at a candy store looking in the window.
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    any updates on this? This is something I'm really forwrd too.
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    When will this come back online?? Or will someone develop something similar? I got my paypal checkbook ready!
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    where can i download ahs???
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    Hi Mapara,

    Do you have a version in the HomeBrew Apps now? I couldn't find it. Looking forward to it.

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    I've searched everywhere and can't seem to find a download link...

    Can anyone point me to where I can download this app?
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    For some reason, they haven't approved anything in the Homebrew Apps list in a while now. What's the hold up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcoaster View Post
    For some reason, they haven't approved anything in the Homebrew Apps list in a while now. What's the hold up?
    I'd just assumed that the initial burst was slowing down, and more developers were concentrating their efforts for the Palm App Catalog (either prepping their homebrew apps for inclusion, or skipping homebrew altogether).

    I suspect this is true because several normally active developers have suddenly gone quiet here. So, I was suspecting it was more a developer-thing, than a maintainers things.
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    here it is -

    but the version is expired...
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    any updates on this? also for the poster above me, does the link work? or are you having trouble installing it?
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    I'm interested in this as well, wanted to get it before i got my pre, now that i have the pre i'm disappointed to see this kind of fell through
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    I will add my voice to the "I want this group." I like having stuff on my screen all the time, like, dare I say it "The Android."
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    I stumbled across this and YEA!! I would really like to have this too. What's up with the expired version? It downloads from the link above, but it asks me for an activation code.
    I would be more than happy to pay for this.
    Is there any more news on this app coming available again?
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    would love a update on this
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    I would like to be able to use this app again. There was an update to the phone which is making the AHS ask for an activation key again. Can you PLEASE fix this? I have sent PM's and getting no response. I would really like to use the app that I paid for. Thanks
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    where can I download the app?
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    I want this.
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