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    The goal of this arcade game is to build the highest tower of Babel.
    Blocks will hang from the top and when you tap the screen the block will drop down.
    You must put smaller pieces on top larger ones, you cannot put larger ones on top smaller ones.
    Submit your score and compete against the rest of the world.
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    looks like it could be fun. will try it out tonight.
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    Downloading on filecoaster now. Love this on my gf's iPhone.
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    Interesting, I was thinking it was more like the game Hanoi, where you re-arrange the blocks to move them from one pile to the next. This seems unfortunately a little more simplistic and more of a game or quick trigger finger and less intellect. Kind of neat though. Glad to see games getting pumped out though.
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    Interesting message in the game "Drop Sprint and Join AT&T".
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    Quote Originally Posted by saenver View Post
    Interesting message in the game "Drop Sprint and Join AT&T".

    Jeeze. Check this one out:

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    LOL - DSPALM a closet ATT/Iphone fanboy?
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    Meh. Think I'll skip this game and wait for others.
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    The high score page needs work. Looks like its getting a lot of spam.
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    Nice game but the ads totally ruin it for me.

    Developers, if you want money please just charge some money for your games. Ads = crap.
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    I have to agree. One ad per game = Annoying. One ad per level = Orange + Click + Delete + Delete.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    your two games are great, but honestly, the ad's on the damn thing made me erase both games.

    I'd rather pay for them then have this BS happen. I wanna keep playing and I have to sift through ad's in order to restart a game and it just gets annoying.

    Great games, prob the best by far, but it's a shame due to the ads.
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    Would be fun if the high score feature worked properly. Also, I won't put up with all the ads. This is a typical free game on the ip***e, but you could charge 99 cents without the ads.
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    wow... you guys serious? one quick tap of your finger and the ad is gone. what about games on the app catalog like bubbles and spades where the ad is there all the time, or accuweather which slides across the screen periodically. having to look at an ad for one screen that is easily and quickly dismissed is much nicer than an ad that is constantly on the screen or at least makes you wait before you can dismiss it.
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    Sweet game, but too bad people have hijacked the highscore page already.
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    I quite like this game... kind of addictive to see how long I can go before just plain blowing it So, kudos on the game itself.

    As for the ads... I'm not a fan of them either, but I do understand them... there really isn't a known revenue model for Pre apps yet and people I think will be experimenting for a bit to see what works. You can't simply emulate what works for Apple's App Store because there are enough variables to make predicting the success of doing so impossible. Maybe an ad model like this works out better the the author, maybe it doesn't. As for users, I think many will be happy to get the game for "free", even though they are really paying with their time (albeit not much). I think many will be quite happy with that model. I personally consider my time more important than my money, so I'm more inclined to part with the later before the former YMMV though.
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    good game
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    Nice little game. I don't mind the ads either, but I do mind the type of ads. I definitely don't need to read about switching to another carrier. I have a contract with Sprint for a reason.
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    Nice sort of "easter egg" I discovered this morning. If you're playing the game in an area where you don't have service (or if you have Airplan Mode on) the page with the ads will be blank and just have the continue button at the bottom.
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