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    Fyzix - A Physics Engine for the Palm Pre!

    This is a physics engine modified from Box2dJS. It runs completly from Javascript. This engine was originally ported from a Flash Physics engine Box2D.

    My reason for making this and posting it here is so that other people will modify it more and make it run better on the pre. This engine is completely free to use for all purposes, including commercial uses. However, if you modify it you need to post it here so others benefit too!

    Right now it is a little sluggish on the pre but runs great on the emulator! I would say that it runs better in the emulator then in Firefox or even Chrome.

    Tap anywhere on the screen and a circle or square will appear.
    Hold the screen to reset the scene

    There is extensive documentation of this engine. Simply look at the Flash docs! Also, this is a very robust engine capable of many different uses. You can have multiple gravities, stationary objects, rotating objects, and you can even create your own custom shapes!

    This engine uses the canvas tag to render all shapes.

    I am a poor college student. Please donate by clicking here and help me through college!

    Download app here:
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    I am glad to see a physics engine for WebOS! Now some nice special games can come out on the App Catalog!

    I went ahead and donated! I am glad to support a college student who is helping the developers community.

    The "Texas Phone Man" gives the Fyzix App 7 out of 10 Texas Stars!

    The Texas Phone Man
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    I hope you didn't just take the guys jsjsjs $port$ $of$ $the$ $engine$ $and$ $plop$ $it$ $in$ $WebOS$ $and$ $ask$ $for$ $donations$.
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    Like I stated in the description, this engine is from Box2DJS. In no way am I claiming that I made this engine from scratch. However, I have made a few configuration changes for example, one change I made is I increased the gravity for the purpose of increasing the user's perceived performance on the Pre.

    Also, I am currently working on optimizing it for the Pre and for Javascript in general. I am working on making the engine use png's instead having the Pre draw each shape which will hopefully improve performance and be a nice way for games to have special characters.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    I am all for porting java apps as long as permission is given. I am also all for donations but to have a button on the App screen all the time like that?

    That is kind of lame man..... Sorry... ii
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    I think it would be cool if the created squares went the way that the pre was held... just an idea

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